Will Robots Actually Commit More Crimes Than Humans In The Future?


Robots of the present can’t even walk straight yet, let alone commit crimes. We get shocked if they somehow look and behave slightly like humans, and it is not more than picking up a bottle or something. But according to a theory, robots of the future will actually be “badass.”


Humans are gradually being replaced by robots, especially in the industries that require high physical power.

According to Tracey Follows from The Future Laboratory, which helps businesses plan for the future through its research and consultancy experts, robots will be able to be hacked and used for crime in the future.

Follows argues that “Once robots can be hacked to become suicide-bombing machines, lone-robot attacks could become rife too.”


She also adds that artificial intelligence and machine-learning could enable robots to self-programme criminal activity.

‘My forecast would be that by 2040, more crime will be committed by machines than by humans,’ Follows says.

However, experts also warn that rogue driverless cars and drones could also be a problem if they are able to be hacked or re-programmed. So it seems it’s not just robots we should be worried about.


Time will show if we’ll see robots terrorizing the town like in the movie “Terminator.” For now, I think what we should be worried about is still humans made of flesh and bones.

Source: DailyMail

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