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Why Do We Have Sex? Science Has A Solid Answer!

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Let's admit it! All of us think about sex every now and then. We spend serious time and effort in order to go through one sexual adventure! Why shouldn't we, after all, sex is a part of our lives!

This is the reason why you need to find out the reasons behind the motivation to have sex. Science has prepared some solid answers for you!


1. The research done over sexual intercourse indicated only two reasons until 2007: reproduction and pleasure.

On 2007, Cindy Meston and David Buss made a groundbreaking contribution to the subject.

The first research on the subject is done with hundreds of participants aged between 17-52. These people were requested to answer questions about their sexual habits and reasons. The researchers wanted the participants to list all of the previous reasons for having sex with someone.

2. The study revealed 4 main and 13 sub reasons.

1. Physical Reasons.

Physical factors can be grouped into 4 categories:

1. Get rid of stress

2. Pleasure 

3. Need to feel desired

4. Improving overall sexual experience

2. Background Motivations.

5. Capabilities

6. Social Status

7. Revenge (in order to hurt someone else)

8. Benefits (in order to prove one's place in the relationship)

3. Emotional Reasons.

9. Love and loyalty

10. Self-expression

4. Insecurity

11. Strengthening self-confidence

12. Feeling of being obliged

13. The need to protect their partner from possible sexual partners

3. Women and men tend to approach sexual intercourse differently.

Men prioritize looks and physical attractiveness more compared to women.

Men proposed reasons such as "She/he had a beautiful face." or "I'm blown by their physical appearance" which indicates their mindset toward sexual intercourse. In other words, the hypothesis towards men's tendency to prioritize physical features is proven once more. Men are provoked by the signals that represent fertility and reproduction more than women according to the evolution theory.

Moreover, there was a considerable amount of male participants who state that they are looking for experience or seizing the opportunity.

4. Women proposed reasons that are directly related to their emotions.

The sentences such as "I wanted to show my love and affection" or "I was in love with them" were very common between female participants. These sentences reinforces the evolution theory that suggests women's tendency to associate sex with attachment and love.

5. Although it is surprising, men tend to suggest more emotional reasons compared to women.

"I wanted to strengthen the bonds between us" or "I wanted to increase our emotional exchange" were amongst the stated reasons. Similar to the reasons below physical pleasure and desire.

Yes, we are surprised!

6. The results indicate that serious amounts of male participants use sex to change the subject or prove their sexual abilities.

There's a common assumption toward women who are using their "femininity" for their own benefit. However, this research proves that men still outnumber women when it comes to using sex for their own benefit.

Not surprised!

7. We should accept the differences and move on!

What more can we say!

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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