Ultimate Revenge: Girl Loses 65 Kilograms After Being Bullied!


Emma was one of those people who dealt with being overweight. What is unique about Emma is that she managed to change the course of her story. The people who took part in Emma's transformation, the ones who have previously bullied her, are now asking her for dates. Check out Emma's moving story below!

Emma, a student who was bullied by other people for being overweight, recently told her story to the Daily Mail. She lost 65 kilos and her life changed significantly.


23 year old Emma Pope is residing in Texas. She was previously bullied by other people due to her looks. She once had to leave a volleyball match when the audience cheered "fat ass off the court."

Emma has seen 141 kilograms on the scale as she was consuming pizza and macaroni each day.

One day, a group of people teased Emma and this become a peaking point for her. She started going to the gym 4 days a week and switched to a healthier diet.


Emma now weighs around 75 kilograms and the people who have been teasing her for being overweight are now apologizing to her. She is now happily rejecting those people who have teased her in the past and are trying to flirt with her now.

Emma is studying to become a nurse. She states that she has overcome a lot of problems without her parents noticing it. She always kept silent about the negative things she has been going through.

'I was referred to as "the fat girl" all the time, but the worst moment happened during a volleyball match, when I was hurled abuse at because of the outfit I was wearing.'


'A bunch of guys yelled that I should get my "fat ass off the court" and crazy stuff, it got so bad they had to be escorted away by the police.

'In another incident, one guy asked me why my legs were so big and another classic quote I regularly received was that I had "such a pretty face for a fat girl".'

Emma explains in her own words.

Emma started her weight loss journey when she was 17 years old. She began with quitting pizza and she managed to lose 18 kilos within a year.


She didn't stop until she had reached her target. 

Emma opens up about her weight loss journey:

'When you're a kid you don't pay attention to your diet, I played sports but then would always have pizza in the locker rooms after.

'I was way out of control with my portion sizes, I always ate too much and it was always cheese, pasta or bread.

'Before I would eat half a whole cheese pizza whereas now I won't eat more than a slice and have it with vegetables to fill me up.

As one might expect, this process wasn't always easy.


At the beginning, Emma was mesmerised by the massive weight loss. Many of her friends couldn't believe this transformation. Some of the people who've previously bullied her even asked her on a date.

'I've had plenty of apology messages now, even one of the girls who used to call me fat got in touch wanting advice on how to lose weight.'

'I don't think they expected me to turn out this way and they regret being so horrible.'


Emma continues:

'I doubt they are apologizing out the kindness of their heart, there's definitely an ulterior motive so with any attempts to flirt with me I reject them immediately.'

'I don't think they expected me to turn out this way and they regret being so horrible.'


We would like to congratulate this young lady for taking a bold step in her life and made her dreams come true!

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