Turkey’s Most Rewarding Trivia App Sets its Eyes on the Global Market


One of the promising and new start-ups from Turkey, the 3K Mobile, launches global version of  Oyna Kazan, which is a live quiz game where users can win real money, with its brand-new name Trivia SuperStars. 

Since March 2019, Oyna Kazan that has more than 5 million downloads, gave the start to carry out its success outside Turkey.

In recent months, 3K Mobile, which has collaborated with Teknasyon, one of the successful mobile application firms of Turkey, has identified the Americas and LATAM as their priority markets.

Oyna Kazan which is launched simultaneously with its many local competitors in the region has started its journey by making live broadcasts with a host, distributing real money awards to the winners similar to the HQ Trivia app of America, achieved great success in the Turkey market. The application, which launched closed-loop contests know as VIP games different than its competitors in September 2019, broke new ground in the world by holding more than 200 contests a day. The app, which has distributed more than $400,000 to its users as prize since January 2019, is now planning to storm the global market.

What is Trivia SuperStars, How to Earn Money?

In Trivia SuperStars, unlike its key competitors, there are not only 1-2 contests in a day, but more than 200 contests are held throughout the day. Although some of these contests are open to all players, there are also more competitive closed-loop contests  for small groups with higher prizes. To join these contests that are called VIP, users must register beforehand with the tickets (VIP tickets) purchased from the application marketplace. People from various parts of the world can play in their own language in contests and games become much more competitive and enjoyable with different types of Power-Ups (extra life, pas, double answer). Kaan Kayabalı, founder and CEO of 3K Mobile states that the fact that a player in Mexico answers the question in Spanish while another player in London sees and answers the same question in English while they play with each other simultaneously is one of the things that makes Trivia SuperStars the most special one. Kaan Kayabalı is also the founder and CEO of Onedio.com which is the largest digital content website in Turkey.

Contestants can withdraw their money to their PayPal account or their bank account via using Hyperwallet regardless of where they are in the world.

This global partnership with Paypal makes the application even more reliable for users.

The Trivia SuperStars app is available to trivia enthusiasts around the world on the App Store and Google Play as of November.

You can click here to download.

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