14 Unfortunate People Who Met The Angel Of Death In The Weirdest Ways


There is no good way of dying. But there are some deaths that make people wish it would never happen to them. You can find many causes to die for or maybe your biological time has come. But the deaths in this list have nothing to do with either of them. They're just stupid ways to die. I hope nobody in the world will ever die like any of the ways in the list.

1. Garry Hoy, a lawyer from Toronto, was constantly throwing himself to the windows to prove how firm the office windows were.


One day people wanted him to do the same show again. This time it ended bad. No, the glass didn't break. It just broke away from the frame as a whole and he lost his life by crashing onto the floor from the  24th floor.

2. In 1989, a Frenchman named Ole Bentzen died laughing while watching a movie called 'A Fish Called Wanda.' Seriously.


Of course people can't die because of laughing, but Bentzen's autopsy showed that he died from a heart attack.

3. Well-known private detective Allan J. Pinkerton slipped on the wet ground and fell down. No, he didn't hit his head. He bit his tongue.


This bite turned into a necrosis and later caused the man to die.

4. A mosquito bit politician George Herbert's face. Then he cut this bite while shaving and got erysipelas .


Of course he died.

5. Jack Daniel (yes, the whisky guy) kicked the steel case he couldn't open. His foot became gangrenous and it was cut. He also lost his life afterwards.


6. Romanian war correspondent Mile Cărpenişan, returned home after all the wars he had fought in. Because of an inflammation in his body, he lost his life because of septic shock.


7. The French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully hurt his toe with his orchestra conductor, which was quite big at that time.


His toe broke and became gangrenous and he lost his life.

8. A woman has lost her life during a "condom challenge" that was quite popular once. She deserved to get into the list.


9. This is a story of a Quora user. In the place where he lived, a man fell from the balcony from the fourth floor, but he was not dead.


After treatment, he fell again while showing his friends how it had happened, and died.

10. Magician Harry Houdini said that he wouldn't be affected by a very strong punch and wanted a volunteer to hit him.


The volunteer was unfortunately a professional boxer.

11. Bobby Leach was the first person to jump into Niagara Falls with a roller. But later, he stepped on an orange peel, fell down and died.


12. Jimi Heselden bought himself a Segway in 2010. He wanted to prove that the Segway never tumble down.


It didn't. But it flew down from a cliff with him.

13. The death of Steve Irwin, who spent his life playing like a toy with dangerous crocodiles, was also ironic.


During a shooting, he wanted to observe a giant stingray and it attacked him and he lost his life due to the wound he had in his chest.

14. David Carradine, who we know from Kill Bill, was found dead hanged in a hotel room in 2009.


At first, everyone considered it a suicide, but later the examinations done by experts in the field and the autopsy results showed that the incident was an accident. Carradine died while performing erotic asphyxia.

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