A Torture Method Developed To Treat Patients In Mental Hospitals: Hydrotherapy


The world of medicine wasn't as advanced as it is today. There have been many different ways of dealing with diseases and sicknesses. But when it was about mental problems, it was probably more difficult than the others because it's not seen like an open wound or a runny nose. Perhaps one of the most brutal methods to treat the mentally ill was hydrotherapy. You can be glad that it's not used anymore to treat patients.

A mental hospital is a mental clinic that causes more damage to the human mind.

Or from another point of view, it's an isolated place built to protect the people who are inside from the ones that are outside, and also protect the people outside from the ones inside.

You can never know for sure whether they're trying to protect the mental health of the people outside or inside.


If they do it for the treatment of those inside, throughout history, unimaginable methods have been tried and their mind has been deeply carved.

Lobotomy is the most common treatment method in mental hospitals.


Frontal lobotomy, ie, operation of the frontal lobe of the brain, was a very popular treatment method in the early 20th century and was strongly recommended by psychiatrists.

For the treatment of severe psychological cases, it was aimed to open a hole in the frontal lobe of the brain and to cut or completely destroy a number of connections.


This method was used for depression, personality disorders, and even mental retardation.

Hydrotherapy is another treatment that is applied to patients who are treated in mental hospitals.


Hydrotherapy was a method developed to treat patients who were mentally unstable and were experiencing psychological problems.

For treatment, patients were put into very hot or very cold water baths by force depending on the mental situation they were in.


Hyperactive patients were kept in boiling water while patients with low mobility and lethargy were kept in ice-cold water.

According to the degree of the illness, the patient was hospitalized for several hours or days.


Another method used in hydrotherapy was to apply towels that were kept in very cold or very hot water to the patient's body.

Psychiatrists thought that they have alerted the relevant parts of the brain this way for years.


However, when the desired development process was not achieved, they took things a step further.

An inconceivable incident occurred at a time when discussions about the fact that hydrotherapy wasn't really working at the beginning of the 1900's.


A patient who was mentally unbalanced was crucified in the Bedlam Mental Hospital in London and they sprayed high pressure cold water on him.

With this incident taking place in the media, the use of hydrotherapy as a treatment for mental illnesses was removed.


Today, hydrotherapy is a medical discipline within the scope of physiotherapy which involves working on the removal and treatment of pain by using water.

This method is a type of treatment that is still used to increase blood circulation and provide a kind of relief.


Of course, without the intention of treating mentally ill...

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