Statistics Of Life With Numbers: How Much Do We Do What We Do Throughout Our Life?

Statistics Of Life With Numbers: How Much Do We Do What We Do Throughout Our Life?

Travis Furman
June 07 2017 - 02:13pm

Throughout our lives we do many things to meet our life needs or our arbitrary needs. So how much time do we spend in our lives or how many times do you think you do these activities in a short period of time during the day?

Here is an average statistic of what a person living up to an average age of 75 does during their lifetime.

How Much Time Do We Spend And What Do We Spend It On?

23 years asleep,

7,5 years eating,

3,5 years in the bathroom.

6 years cleaning,

12 years watching T.V,

6 years at work.

We wait in traffic for 219 days. (70 hours a year.)

We kiss 100.000 times in our lifetime and this adds up to 14 days.

We laugh 540.000 times and this adds up to 11 days.

We have a chat for 2 years and 10 days.

We spend 1 year going to the cinema, theater or concerts.

What Do We Spend And How Much Do We Spend It?

We consume food 700 times more than our body weight. (For example: 75 kg x 700= 52.5 tonnes of food)

We consume 45.000 liters of liquid. This amounts to a quantity that can fill up about 4.5 tanks of about 10 tons.

Every person consumes about 1.6 million liters of water for their needs, such as cleaning and showering throughout their lives.

When we breathe, we consume 321,200,000 liters of air.

What Do We Produce And How Much Do We Produce It?

5.550 liters of spit,

40.500 liters of pee. (540 liters a year, 1,5 liters a day.)

We spend about 6 months on the toilet and during this time we produce 5 tons of stools. (192 grams per day)

3 million sweat glands found in our skin produces 14,000 liters of sweat for men and 12,000 liters for women.

Each woman produces an average of 400 eggs, and ever man produces about 400 billion sperm in their lifetime.

Our eyes produce 4,900 liters of tear drop and liquid. (About 66,000 tear drops make a liter)

We produce 43,800 kg of garbage 8,000 kilograms of which is packaging.

What Do We Do And How Much Do We Do It?

We dream 105.000 times.

We fart 547.000 times.

Smokers blow 525.000 of smoke. (7.000 times a year).

We breathe 473.000.000 times in our lifetime. (12 times a minute, 720 times an hour)

We walk about 50 million steps and travel a distance of 40.000 kilometers. This means going around the world one time.
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