True Survivors: People Who Got Their Tattoos Covered Up Impressively


Yes you should think twice, actually a billion times, before you get a tattoo. But it’s not the end of the world if you somehow got your BF/GF’s initials tattooed on god knows which ridiculous part of your body.

Here’s the list of 23 people who survived their bad choices, which was originally published on BuzzFeed.


1. “My first tattoo was a good lesson in getting what you pay for.”

" I can now wear shorts again without feeling like everyone is literally laughing at me behind my back.”

2. “I got the Celtic symbol for friendship on my inner arm with a very good friend of mine. Long story short, we’re no longer friends.”

3. “The first one was blurry and lame.”

4. “People don’t believe me until I show them the before and after!”

5. “The cover-up was done by Christopher Layman at Living Canvas in Columbia, Missouri.”

6. “An abusive boyfriend gave me the first ugly tat and a badass friend covered it up for me with the alien spider years later.”

7. “We called the first attempt my ‘chicken nugget’.”

8. “Covered with new sparrows, an exploding heart, and my daughters’ names.”

9. “When your tattoo artist tells you not to get a boyfriend’s name on you, you should listen.”

If you look carefully, Chris is written upside down.

10. “As you can see, I have much better taste now.”

11. “I was happy I was able to transform my cliché tattoo into something more meaningful to me.”

12. “The letters of my quote started to spread, so I got a cover-up that I love!”

13. “I realised once I saw the initial tattoo finished that the artist had redrawn what I brought in into a bird with a boob head.”

14. “My ex-girlfriend convinced me to get it and it was a horrible mistake.”

“The old tattoo was the Gemini and Scorpio symbols."

15. “I got this dreadful haunted house and found out afterwards the artist had been using other people’s tattoos and passing them off as his own.”

16. “I got my initials as a teenager and soon regretted it!”

17. “Crappy L turned sex panther!”

18. “Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a winged wheel.”

19. “The original was my first tattoo ever.”

20. “He freehanded the drawing on my leg. Amazing work!”

21. “Seven years later, I finally decided it wasn’t really me.”

22. “I messed up by doing no research on the artist!”


23. "Transformed this pathetic little flash into true art. The original head became the baby elephant in the cover-up.”

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