Too Many Aches? A Simple 6-Step Guide To Make You A Massage Therapist!


A relaxing massage doesn't require a specific method. First of all, the room where the massage will be done should be neither very hot nor very cold. Sufficient temperature must be set. It is necessary to consider the temperature of the body during the massage. It is best to massage on hard surfaces and focus on the neck, shoulders, and back. In this list, we're going to show you this massage guide compiled from BrightSide. It contains information on how to do a nice massage, and it's very easy to understand.

1. Start with light massaging moves.

You should move from the shoulders to the waist and back. The movements to the shoulders should be more intense but still soft at this stage.

2. Use your entire palm during the process.

You can start enhancing the moves.

3. You can pay special attention to the shoulders, as they’re particularly affected by a sedentary lifestyle.

Just increase the massage time in this area. You can apply acupressure techniques, gently pressing on specific points.

4. Don’t massage the spine in any case.

When working in this area, move along the back long muscle fibers.

5. All kinds of limb massages start with light warming strokes.

If there are problem areas with localized pain, they should be massaged by pressing on them alternately with the thumb pads (first one calf, then the other).

6. The basic requirements to perform a facial massage are:

The muscles you’re working with should be maximally relaxed. The massage is performed smoothly, rhythmically, slowly, and painlessly. You move in the direction of muscle fibers. When rubbing the captured skin, gently squeeze it and press to the facial bones.

You can end the massage session with light patting or movement across the back (bottom-up) with your fingertips. This will soothe the skin.

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