They Got Married With One Tweet: A Great Example Of Social Media Couples!


We now live in the world of social media. People these days meet there, have relationships, even get married! Here is an example of this happy couple who got married in the end. ❤

Meet our heroes: Jonathan O'Brien and Victoria!

Jonathan O'Brien owns a bookstore. He's an active twitter user. Victoria is a follower of this bookstore's twitter account.

"I'm in love with this account"

This tweet of Victoria is sort of the start of everything. Then Jonathan starts following Victoria.

Here is the tweet:

Then they meet for the first time after Jonathan's tweet!

When he shares ''I want some cookies,'' Victoria sees this as an opportunity.

She goes to the bookstore with a box of cookies

That's the start. Their sweet love starts with that meeting. They had an amazing wedding after 3 years of having a relationship.

"3 years + 1 book finally married!"

She knows all of this happened because she had the courage to do so. ❤

They set a great example to social media couples!

We wish this couple a happy life. Don't lose your energy and passion for life! 🙏🏼

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