The Sexiest Cop In The World Will Make You Wish She’d Arrest You!


Anyone who comes across this German police officer will have their hearts racing but not just because she’s the law.

Meet Adrienne Koleszár!

She is a 31-year-old police officer from Dresden, Germany. 🚔

But there is something that makes her different from most of the other law enforcement officers!

She is smoking hot!

Thanks to her breathtaking body, she has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram wishing she would pull them over.

Siz zaten anında sağ üst köşeden takibe aldınız bile 😂

In the images published on the social networks Adrienne shows her gym workouts and claims to have participated in several bodybuilding competitions, discipline practiced for about 14 years.

5 feet 8 inches tall (1 meter and 73 centimeters), Adrienne weighs 141 lbs (64 kg), goes to the gym 5 times a week and trains with a 375 lb (170 kg) tool. However, she explains that the real turning point in her life occurred in 2014 when she decided to follow a strict diet made of genuine and balanced food.

Kolesza says that attaining her strong physique requires 30% exercise and 70% healthy eating.

Among her favorite foods to prepare is protein porridge that is made of egg whites and porridge oats. She also shares her recipes for clean eating on YouTube with dishes like sweet potato pie and protein pancakes.

Hatta Adrienne'in spor ve beslenme ile ilgili minik sırlarını paylaştığı bir YouTube kanalı bile var.

Adrienne says her photos are primarily targeted towards women to inspire and motivate them to get into fitness.💪

Meanwhile, however, many more followers and fans seem to be males who have sent several messages to the cop.

Unfortunately for her admirers, Kolesza is currently dating a 28-year-old professional swimmer and athlete.

Since starting her YouTube channel in July of last year, she has gained nearly 5,000 subscribers and over 209,000 views on her exercise videos.

“I am the police and my job is very risky," she wrote on her Facebook. "Sometimes I have to handle situations where no one would want to happen. I’m human and I’m not perfect. But very much I love my life.”

“My superiors have no problem with the photos on social networks. Just do not exceed the limits of decency. I would like these images inspire women to work on their body and not men.”

You can see more of Adrienne’s photos on her official Facebook and Instagram accounts. 😍

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