The Newest Trend In Makeup: Dunking Your Face In Cold Water


Women and men all around the world do all sorts of stuff to be more attractive. Women mostly put on makeup and take hours to get ready. It's a long and expensive process. Well, there's a solution for this from South Korea. If you dump your head in cold water for 30 seconds, you get an amazing matte skin. Let's read more about this trend, which Buzzfeed originally published, and see what we can learn.


There’s a new Korean makeup trend that claims to make your foundation super matte and smooth.

It’s called jamsu and it means “diving,” or “submerging.”

Japanese beauty vlogger YoonCharm started the technique, and it quickly showed its effects in South Korea.

First, you put on your makeup like you normally would.

You use your choice of primer, concealer, and foundation like usual.

Then, you pack on baby powder or loose powder.

After you're done, you’re supposed to dunk your face in cold water for at least 30 seconds.

Cold water eliminates the white residue from your face without removing the powder’s mattifying effects.

The water makes the powder translucent so you won’t see it, but the powder will still give your skin a smooth, matte look.

Now you're ready to put on your lipstick and work on your eyes according to the Jamsu trend.💄👑

If you like it matte, then you're gonna love this.😍


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