The Most Handsome Man On Earth: Rohit Khandelwal!


Rohit Khandelwal was recently chosen to be first among 46 others on the beauty pageant contest "Mr.World"! What do you think of his looks? A well earned title?

1. Meet the most good looking gentlemen in the world: Rohit Khandelwal!

2. Rohit beat 46 contestants and become Mr. World in a contest recently done in England.

3. He is the first person to win Mr. World with an Asian decent.

4. It's easy to understand why 😍

5. Well, who is this Rohit Khandelwal?

6. Rohit was born in 19 August 1989 in Hyderabad, India.

7. After completing his high school education, Rohit worked as technical support assistant in a few different places.

8. His friends insisted that Rohit apply to a modeling agency.

9. However, joining an agency was only the first step of the ladder.

10. His best friend and photographer Sayan Sur Roy states that Rohit worked really hard to get where he is today.

11. Eventually, his hard work paid off and he auditioned for various roles on TV series.

12. The Indian audience fell in love with him the moment they saw Rohit on the TV.

13. This only motivated Rohit to do more. He was chosen to attend Mr. India.

14. Rohit's perfect body and looks have made him win Mr. India and then Mr. World.

15. Would you like to know this gentlemen better?

How's Rohit like IRL?

16. Rohit adores animals!

17. He gets along well with children!

18. He enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen!

19. Rohit is tied to his traditions and this feature of him is appreciated by his fans.

20. Working out is essential for Rohit!

21. Do we have to talk about his style?

Speechless 😍

22. We would like to congragulate this wonderful being!

23. We would like to see more Rohit from now on👏

Good luck!

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