The Japanese Model That Took The Under-boob Challenge To A Whole New Level


A new trend has started in Asia not too long ago: carrying items on your boobs. So many people joined in this trend that someone felt the need to up the game. Japanese model, Kaho Shibuya, who we saw on 9Gag, has started a new trend.

Do you also remember that this whole thing started after an anime character did this with her phone:

Many women from Japan and Korea became part of this trend:

This thing has a record-breaking number of shares in Internet:

And some people got creative:

And there was also the under-boob trend:

But not every follower of this trend is able to attract as much attention as they would like to:

If you want to attract the attention of Internet, you have to go big. Very big:

Holding a pen under her boons wasn't enough for Kaho Shibuya. So, she wanted to try something new with her K-cup breasts:

Instead of going for a pen or soda can, she decided on ukulele:

God knows why...


Anyways, she didn't stop there:

She decided to carry everything she has with her boobs:


Well, see you at the next trend!

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