The Final Answer: Why Do Black Guys Have Bigger Penises?


Ever wondered why? Admit it, this question has come to your mind at least once! Well, like always, science's got your back! You'll be surprised when you find out the reason! 


1. Shall we begin?

2. This issue has troubled many young brains from all around the world.

This topic has created endless debates that have no relation to scientific findings.

3. However, this situation can be simply explained with evolution theory.

Access to clean water has an ongoing problem over the African continent for years now.

4. Providing clean drinking water is not the only problem. The water is not clean enough for anyone to even have a shower.

For that reason, people over Africa have to use dirty water that is full of mud and bacteria. This situation continues even though the settlements are close to water resources.

5. This unfortunate reality still applies for many parts of Africa.

It might be difficult to make a correlation but this is the actual breaking point:

6. From the beginning of evolution, the people who lived around the area have suffered from the same problem.

For that reason, it is believed that the genitals of people who live in the area have developed a coping mechanism against the negative environmental conditions. The cervicals and ovaries of black woman are more rooted compared to Caucasians.

In order for reproduction to continue, the male genitals evolved and got longer in time to adjust to this change in female genitalia.

7. Long story short, science has an answer to all of your curious questions!

You can thank us later!

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