Studies Say Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier!


Bigger bums now prove more than just sexiness, they show intelligence too! Scientists from Oxford University say that women who have more weight in their backsides tend to have a higher level of intelligence.

1. According to scientists from Oxford University, women who have big butts are smarter and more resistant to chronic diseases.

According to researches, women who have bigger butts are more likely to have lower cholesterol levels and secrete more hormones that help sugar dissolution in the body.

So appealing to the eye is not the only advantage of having big a big but, it also brings a lower risk of having diabetes and heart disease.

2. Because women with fat stored in their gluteofemoral region have a lower level of cholesterol and glucose.

Big butt is a healthy butt- science says!

Professor Kontstantinos Manolopoulos from Oxford University who is doing the research with 16,000 women participants, thinks and says that women with big bums have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose. Also, they have the leptin hormone which balances the fat stocks in the body and regulates appetite. The adipose tissue in the bottoms stores the harmful fat particles and prevent them from heart diseases.

3. Their brain development is fast from storing a lot of Omega 3 fat in their bodies.

4. Having a big butt has tons of advantages! 🍑

5. Recent studies from California and Pittsburgh Universities also prove that women with big butts and slim waists live longer and healthier.

6. Now we understand those who want to have Kim and Kylie Jenner’s curves.

7. But these studies do not apply to Kim and Kylie or those who have fake butts. Think about it, if it did, Kim Kardashian would be the smartest woman around!

8. Hooray for big butts!!!


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