Prepare Your Gardens And Terraces For Summer! 13 Ideas That Will Make Your Pots More Attractive


With spring on the way, how about preparing your gardens and terraces for summer with little touch-ups?

We've gathered brilliant ideas for renewing your unused pots and making them more attractive.


Transfer decorative napkins onto the pots.

You can transfer your favorite napkins with the decoupage method. First, paint the pots with 4 or 5 coats of paint. Then apply the decoupage with the napkin you wish to use. Lastly, apply two coats of lacquer and your pots are ready to use.

Wrap your pots with ropes.

You can renew pots you don't like by using manila ropes. Wrap the ropes around the pots using silicone glue. Then, decorate them by spraying on any color you like.

Oops! Don't let the pots fall down.

You may change up your pots using knitted pot covers. Knit to the size of your pots using a needlecraft method. Clothe your pots as you like and make your flowers more flashy.

Back to the stamps...

After painting the pots with any color you want. You may then decorate them with ready-made stamps or the ones you have designed.

When the unwanted pots turn into chalkboards...

You can create a new ambiance in your house and in your garden by painting them with blackboardchlk paint. It's up to you to write what's in the pot, or any quote you like.

Lacework is never old-fashioned...

We have seen the lacework, which had its days over the furniture being used as modern decoration. Apply the unused lacework onto the pots with a silicone glue. You can get a different look for your pots by cutting and patching in different size and shapes.

Go out and gather dry branches.

Change your house and garden with these pots. You can use dry branches on your old pots by applying silicone glue.

Turn the shapeless pot into a coffee table.

All you have to do is to paint the pot and the base plate in any color you like. Then glue the base plate onto the base of the pot. Voila! You have a stylish coffee table.

Recycling old fabrics...

It's time you used the fabrics you have been keeping for off days. Apply glue onto the pot with a brush, and then cover the pot with the fabric you cut according to your pot's size. Be careful to not leave air bubbles beneath the fabric.

By the power of the waves!

How about an early summer in your gardens and terraces? Apply the seashells from the previous summer onto the pots. You may also apply lacquer if you wish.

Burlap is best suited with succulent pots.

Cover the pots you don't like with burlap. You can buy burlap from drapers. Cut them to the size of your pot and fix them with silicone glue. It's all up to you and your creativity.

When knitted cloth are on the pots...

It is what we call pot renewal in 5 minutes. Fix the cloth braids, the must haves of old times, on the pots with silicone glue.

Create wonders with tube paints.

Apply a coat of primer of any color on the pot. Then, turn the pot upside down and squeeze the paint tube around the edges. After it dries you can apply lacquer and use it.

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