Mother And Daughter With Matching Bottoms Compete In Miss BUMBUM Contest In Brazil!


A mother and daughter competing in Brazil's Miss Bumbum competition have told how their obsession to win the coveted prize led to the mother's partner of six years walking out on them.


Bruna Ferraz, 35, and daughter Eduarda Moraes, 19, are both competing in Brazil's illustrious Miss Bumbum competition.

Mother Bruna owns a company which sells human hair extensions, says she is even more focused than ever on winning the infamous competition. Daughter Eduarda, who is representing Rondonia state, gave up her job as a beauty product salesgirl to compete in Brazil's most hotly-contested beauty pageant.

Despite the intense rivalry, both women, who live together in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, claim they are helping each other in their quest for the trophy.

It is the first time a mother and daughter have reached the final of the popular pageant, now in it's sixth year, which also debuts a separate contest for over-55s this year.

But when it comes to their assets, mom has the slight edge. She has 43 inches of bottom, compared with her daughter's 42 inches.😁

Bruna and Eduarda are neck-and-neck in the race, but they both claim they will do anything to pip the other to the post.

In a public vote which whittled the original 27 contestants - one from each Brazilian state - to the final 15, daughter Eduarda came 11th with 450,000 votes and mom Bruna 12th with 400,000.

Meanwhile, Bruna's long-term partner Pedro packed up and left! Bruna believes he was actually jealous of the male attention they started receiving when they announced their candidatures.

'He ended up giving me a choice, pull out or he'd leave me.' Bruna says. 

'But it was an easy decision to make. I would never let anything get in the way of realising my dream, and certainly no man. He actually accepted my decision without any problems, we didn't even argue about it. He just understood that the competition was more important to me than him, and he moved out.'

Bruna said: 'Being in the contest with my daughter is great because we both encourage each other.'

'But although we are competing against each other, the contest has brought us closer than ever. Eduarda even chose my hairstyle and the bikini I'll be wearing for the final.'

Does competition cause jealousy? They had only one 'serious' crisis so far.

Bruna says the only time Eduarda got angry was when one of her male friends told her her mom is gorgeous and asked her to set up a date with me. Then she got really jealous.

Over 16 million public votes were cast last month to decide who would progress to the Miss Bumbum finals, such is the popularity of the contest in the country.

Daughter Eduarda:

'We eat together and keep an eye on what each other is eating, we are constantly checking each other's bottoms to make sure they are in tip top shape.'

So mother and daughter literally have each other's back.😁😂

'If I'm honest I think mom could win it...'

'If she does I'll be really happy for her, honestly, once I've dealt with my own disappointment. It's a pity we can't both win, as most people say our bumbums are identical.'

'I suppose it's more genetic than anything, that's why it's such a close call.'

'I think it's cool, to be in this together with my daughter. But of course only one woman is going to win, and we both want to be her.'

'One of the reasons I decided to enter the contest was because I knew my daughter was competing.'

'It's an exciting new phase of our lives. Of course we both want to win. I want to be famous for my bottom in Brazil and all over the world.'

'If my daughter wins I'll be extremely jealous of her, especially as I want to win more than her...'

'I think she is more likely to win than me, because she is young and has a perfect body.'

'But I think I will be a better Miss Bumbum, because I'll be able to deal with the attention much better because I have more experience'

'As a mother I have to believe in my daughter's potential. But I hope to God it will be me.'

Miss BumBum 2016 will be crowned later on in the year after the final takes place in November. The gorgeous contestants will need to twerk it out on stage in tiny pants to win over the judges. 

We wish them both good luck!👏👏👏

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