Meet Your Perfect Doctor And His Husky! <3


No one really likes going to the doctor, unless, of course, you happen to be getting your annual checkup from the dreamy Dr. Mike.

BuzzFeed recently came across this hot doc on Instagram, and let me tell you, his photos do not disappoint. In fact, I’m pretty sure his uploads will make you drool more than his gorgeous friend,  a Husky named Roxy,

These two make one insanely-adorable pair, and once you see their daily adventures together, you’ll come down with a serious case of the love bug.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this dynamic duo.


1. Meet Dr. Mike.

2. Looks more like a hot actor playing the doctor role right?

3. If his insanely sexy whip…

4. And smoking hot bod aren’t enough to make your heart race like a dose of epinephrine…

5. …you’ll be glad to know this dude is also a doggy DILF.

6. He has a beautiful Husky named Roxy...

7. …and these two BFFs are likely to be from another planet.

8. Wouldn't you just wish to be saved from drowning by him, so he can give you a proper CPR?

9. Definitely the luckiest girl in Dr. Mike’s life: Roxy

10. When they’re spending quality time at the park…

11. Such an enviable friendship...

12. Look how cute they are while cuddling on the couch together.

13. Snapping selfies in the car…

14. Could his doctor uniform be a costume as well?

15. Doctor Mike also hangs out with some of other puppy pals sometimes.

16. Aside from being smart and seriously sexy, he is artistic...

17. ...and also very sporting.

18. I can hear most of you saying: "You can give me a physical any day, Doctor Mike."

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