Meet The Art Student Who Paints With Her Menstrual Blood!


Jess Cummin is a 20-year-old painter studying at the Glasgow School of Art. She is recreating the drawings of ancient female cave painters with an unusual material: her menstrual blood. Some of the drawings published on Daily Mail have gained different reactions, some found them disgusting whereas some think that it’s pretty interesting…


She uses her menstrual blood to replicate ancient cave paintings.

During her period, she draws menstrual blood on the brush and then apply it on paper, or draws directly with tampons.

This process is relatively slow because she can only use her menstrual blood once a month.

It takes about 5 to 25 minutes each.

And then she waits for the blood on the canvas to dry out.

After waiting one night, the color of the blood goes from a bright red to a brownish tone.

Jess exhibited her paintings on social media, and she has encountered heavy criticism from many people, including some friends and complete strangers.

"Some of my male flatmates said they had to unfollow me on social media, because they couldn't look at my art." She says.

She says she was inspired to work in this way, after she started menstruating one day when she was working with watercolor paints, pastels, and pens.

People have told Jess they feel uncomfortable and disturbed by her paintings, but she insists there is nothing 'disgusting' about the process.

'My pictures aren't disgusting and neither is painting with the blood, if you're hygienic and wash your hands.'

'Some people think the paintings will stink, but painting with blood doesn't smell, nor does my artwork.'

'I think all women should try painting with their blood. It's cathartic.'

Jess says many people have been supportive since they got used to the idea.

Jess' family appreciate her artwork, made from period blood – but don't own any paintings.

Her paintings depict strong female characters.

The reaction of her family when they first saw the pictures surprised Jess.

'My mum looked at the figures in the paintings and thought they looked powerful, while my gran said painting with blood was an interesting concept.'

'But they didn't seem grossed out by it, which surprised me.'

'I don't think they'd try to paint with period blood, but they seem to admire what I've done.'

However, Jess' dad was more squeamish.

'He said it's interesting but he doesn't want to know about it.'

She also said: 'I was worried about showing people my paintings, because period blood is considered gross. I was scared to hear what they thought, in case they were shocked by me.'

'Students seem less shocked, but some people, including male friends, have been repulsed and disgusted by what I do and have trolled me online, saying 'ew'.

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