Let's Fix: You've Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Since Eternity!

> Let's Fix: You've Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Since Eternity!

When we look at human history, we can see that we only picked up the habit of showering regularly recently. Besides, the frequency of showering has been increasing. Have you ever thought about the effects of this on our hair? Let's take a look at it together.

1. As we all know, hygiene products are stretching our budgets.

Especially when you're using female hygiene products; it may cost you a fortune. If you're really picky about what you buy, it's gonna be really painful for your check at the end of the month.

2. What are the products we use everyday?

When we consider how much we wash our face daily, face wash, cleanser and soaps are the most used products. What about shampoos?

3. If you're washing your hair with the popular shampoos everyday, we have bad news for you.

You're going broke for nothing. You're hurting your hair.

4. We're not making it up, experts are with us. Numbers obtained from the market research of big shampoo producers are very interesting.

The market research data of the biggest shampoo producer shows that Americans shower average of 4.59 times a week. This number is similar in many developed countries.

5. So is this necessary?

Experts are very clear about this subject. Washing your hair this often is not necessary at all. Washing hair too often sweeps away the beneficial sebum in the roots of the hair and the scalp.

6. How often should we wash our hair?

According to Michelle Hanjani, a leading dermatology professor in Columbia University, we should wash our hair 2 or 3 times a week at most.

7. Benefits of sebum are important.

'Sebum is a substance that prevents our hair from getting overly greasy, meaning without it our hair produces too much oil' states Michelle Hanjani, summing up her research.

8. Different experts have different views about the adequate frequency of washing hair.

Some experts think washing hair daily can be okay as long as the person doesn't experience hair loss or hair damage.

9. But they all come to the same conclusion.

What all experts agree on is that, washing hair too much with shampoo isn't healthy for hair, and should be avoided as long as it's not necessary.

10. So what should we do? The answer's easy, you should shape your hair habits according to your hair type.

First of all, you should determine what your hair type is and shape your habits according to what's advised for your hair type. Adjustment may be tough, but it'll be worth it.

11. These tips may help:

If your hair's naturally oily, washing your hair often won't hurt it. You can even wash it everyday. But don't be fooled, you need to stop washing your hair for a while and see if it's actually oily, or if it's from too much shampoo.

If your hair is dyed and experienced chemicals, your hair won't be too oily and washing too much will hurt it more.

Researches show that as we get older, our hair structures change. Our hair produce way less oil as we grow old, so you can wash it less.

Dry shampoos help. Experts say that it's better to use dry shampoo than showering everyday, whenever you feel like your hair is oily.

12. Here's the hair cleaning regimen based on different hair types:

* Normal and dry hair: Wash 1 or 2 times a week.

* Thin hair: Wash everyday or every other day. Observe to adjust. 

* Thick or curly hair: Wash only twice a week.

You can clean your scalp to avoid too much oil even when you don't wash your hair.

When you use shampoo, apply it to your scalp primarily and rinse without shampooing your whole hair. This may lead to better results.

Using hair conditioner instead of shampoo, or a product that acts like both shampoo and conditioner can save you. Because conditioners make your hair look better, decreases the static electricity in your hair and protects your hair from damaging UV lights. Don't forget to choose the conditioner or the shampoo according to your hair type. If your hair's processed, conditioners are your best friend.

13. You should take a better care of your hair in the summer.

Chlorine is the enemy of your hair during summertime. But there're ways to protect yourself.

* Wet your hair and put hair conditioner on before going into the sea or pool.

* Wear a bonnet.

* You can use the special shampoos or oils swimmers use to hydrate your hair.

14. Lastly, don't forget this!

Experts say most shampoos are very similar.

You can avoid expensive shampoos, since they'll do the same thing as the cheaper ones. Just keep in mind to shop according to your hair type.

Tip: Avoiding harsh chemicals in your shampoo ingredients and going organic will help too!