Inspirational Sexual Assault Survivor Who Found Peace In Yoga


Sexual assault is still a very big problem that needs more attention. Society's lack of help to survivors is sad, but some people are trying to reverse things. Heidi Williams dedicated herself to yoga to overcome her psychological troubles after the hell she has been through. This brave woman found her inner peace with yoga, and she started to love her skin again. Now, she's a yoga teacher helping other sexual assault survivors.

Here are 24 pictures of beautiful yoga poses from Heidi:


Posttraumatic stress disorder...



Heidi Williams had to endure these and many more after she was raped...

Luckily, she found the cure in yoga.

When she almost lost her 6 month old baby...

Williams attempted suicide...

She learned to love life again with yoga...

Now, she even guides other sexual assault survivors through their self-healing process.

She is determined to create more miracles.

"It was in this place of mental illness hell that I found yoga and grace. Yoga brought me to a safe place again. A place of peace and self-acceptance."

After she healed herself...

...she dedicated herself to helping other people.

Heidi runs online support groups to help sexual assault survivors communicate with each other.

Her aim is to... therapeutic yoga classes and institutes...

... for people who are going through PTSD, depression and anxiety.

She also uses social media as a tool to... the balance of body and mind to inspire people.

Pictures and quotes she shares on her Instagram page...

...are for people in search for emotional peace...

...and who are curious to learn more about yoga.

You can follow Heidi's account for tips on body and mind health,

and learn from some of her yogi experiences. 😊

You can check out her Instagram page here.

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