Incredible Story Of The Kid Who Was Shot In His Sleep And Left Blind By His Dad


Ross Minor is a young man who lives in the United States. The interesting part of his story is all the hope he has after experiencing an unbelievable tragic event.

Ross’s whole life changed in one night when he was 8 years old.

His dad came into his room and shot him and his brother Ryan in their sleep.

Then committed suicide.

Ross lost his left eye that night and all the sight in his right eye.

Unfortunately, his brother wasn’t as lucky as Ross and died in the hospital.

Ryan’s tombstone.

Ross also lost his sense of smell along with his sight, but he never gave up or lost hope.

He’s now a strong activist and makes an effort to encourage disabled people like him to play sports.

He designed mini social platforms to create a supportive community for visually impaired people.

He’s pretty busy nowadays. He's answered questions about his life on Reddit and impressed everyone with his positivity.

When people asked about his best experience after that horrible night, he replied “Swimming with dolphins.”

“I love both swimming and dolphins. It was an unforgettable experience.” He said. 

We know you're smiling :)

His advice to the parents of visually impaired people: Don’t keep them at home.

“I know so many people with social problems because they’ve been constantly kept in their houses by their families”

The conditions outside should be improved for visually impaired people.

“Happy Halloween!”

This his how he celebrates Halloween, with his glass eye in his hands. He has a really good sense of humor. He also named his Instagram account “Minor Threat!”

Of course, his life wasn’t easy despite his positivity.

He was first enrolled in a private school but their financial situation wasn’t sufficient enough for the school's expenses. Then, he went to a public school but he had problems socializing with other kids. Commuting to the school every day by himself was another issue for him, but here he is.. Moving on to his college education.

Life goes on!

Now he is going to spend his summer in the disabilities summer camp and start his college education on Computer Science. He also wants to do motivational talks to inspire other people like him.

Keep it up, Ross! You’re great! Wish you a wonderful life!

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