Game Of Wardrobes: 19 Things Sisters Who Share Clothes Will Understand!


Sisters are the best. Well, maybe not always. We all know or can imagine the drama between sisters who steal clothes from each other. Another thing their parents really don't need. 

BuzzFeed compiled these points that you can relate to if you have a sister you share clothes with!

1. All of your clothes seem to be mutual property.

"There is no 'your' or 'my.' There is only 'our'."

2. But you get upset when others say how twin-like you two look.

3. But you luckily show the decency to say "Thanks, it is my sister's." when people compliment your clothes.

4. Sometimes you wear your sister's clothes even though you don't like them, just because they are different and interesting.

5. And the effort you put into sneaking out of the house before your sister sees you is pretty impressive.

6. If she catches you wearing her things, you are screwed.

7. And same goes for her when she takes your stuff without your permission.

8. And the pleasure of going through her closet trying not to get caught is impossible to describe.

9. And what about plotting what to steal from her today while checking her Facebook page?

10. Obviously the clothes you get for your sister as a gift should still be in your size and suitable with your taste. If not, what is the point of stealing at all?

11. Seeing you giving tips to her about which clothes she should get is amazing.

12. You two are capable of arguing about "what ACTUALLY belongs to whom" for hours and hours.

13. And sometimes you find a way to get into her clothes although your sizes are different.

14. And you also try hard to wear her shoes that are in different size than yours.

15. Then flat out deny stretching her clothes. It wasn't you.

16. And the rage you feel when you find out that the piece you are planning to steal is in the washing machine.

17. You two fight frequently because of your addiction to each other's closets.

18. And you actually think that she should take this as a compliment. After all you clearly show that you respect her style.

19. But if you catch her in any of your stuff, she is dead!
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