18 Funniest Pranks That Show How Annoying Siblings Can Be!


Having a sibling is one of the best things in this world. The bond between the siblings do not resemble to anything and it is hard to describe that special situation. Similar to anything else in this world, having a sibling has its own downsides as well. Your sibling can easily turn into a cruel monster if they want to make a prank. The following photos are living proof for those harsh times!

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1. I Owed My Brother $1,000

2. My Brother And I Are In A Bit Of A Prank War, So I Decided To Take It Up A Notch

3. So I Send My Sister A Snapchat Of A Party I Had When My Parents Were Gone. She Sent Me This Back. (It’s My Dad)

4. My Younger Brother Everyone

5. My Little Brother Did This Whilst Nobody Else Was Home. I Think It’s Fair To Say He Is The Spawn Of Satan

6. My Brother Changed Our Names On His Netflix Account

7. A Birthday Card

8. Sending Weirdly Cropped Photos To My Brother

9. My Sister Just Got Married, She Asked Me To Save Her A Newspaper From Her Wedding Day

10. “Sweet, Ice Cream!” “God Dammit Sister!”

11. My Sister Is A Vegan. Last Night She & A Few Friends Crashed & Passed Out In My Pad. She’s Going To Be So Confused When She Wakes Up

12. Ever Want To Punch Your Little Brother Before?

13. My Wife Just Graduated From The Police Academy And Her Sister Sent These To Our House

14. I Replaced A Picture Of My Sister With One Of Vladimir Putin Before My Family Came Over For Christmas, They Haven’t Noticed Yet

15. So My Cocky Younger Brother Made Me A Playlist

16. Today Was Extremely Hot And My Brother Offered Me This. I Don’t Know If I Should Be Angry Or Impressed

17. My Brother Had To Work, So He Asked Me To Save Him A Little Bit Of Everything

18. So My Brother Thinks Nicolas Cage Is A Big D-Bag. We Have A History Of Pranking Each Other In Ridiculous Ways, So My Gf And I Came Up With The Idea

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