18 Signs That You Are A Cute Home-Loving Person!

18 Signs That You Are A Cute Home-Loving Person!

Yvette Darlene
February 04 2017 - 07:48pm

Some people love being outside, trying different restaurants, cafes, pubs and whatnot. They love the noise and being surrounded by other people. However, some just love being at home. The 'home, sweet home' idiom wasn't coined for no reason. If you love your place, you love spending time there. You don't have to dress up, put makeup on, tolerate noise and risk not even being able to have a proper chat with somebody when you are at home. Everything is as you want it to be!

Let's see the 18 characteristics of domestic people!

1. You can be happy with staying at home non-stop for 2-3 days prefer being at home rather than outside.

2. You care a lot about your family and enjoy spending time with them.

3. Actually it all comes down to comfort. You like enjoying the cozy and peaceful environment of your home and love your comfort.

4. It isn't the case that you don't like going out. You also have friends, a partner and places you like going to. That's why this situation is never to be confused with being antisocial.

5. You love talking about your interests and hobbies and you can go on and on about them if allowed to speak.

6. If people around you start talking about boring stuff, you become silent and you ask yourself why you aren't at home, reading a book instead.

7. People think you don't spend much as you don't spend that much time outside, but your expenses mostly consist of those you make for your own place.

Movies, books, magazines, paid channels, etc...

8. Your place fully reflects your taste. If you like watching movies, you have an archive; if you like reading, you have a library.

9. Your fridge has never been seen empty. You like cooking and you are very good at it.

10. When you host a guest and include them in your life space, you know it for a fact that that person likes and feels comfortable at your place.

11. You have a comfortable armchair you can fall asleep in while watching TV and there is always a blanket on that armchair, ready for action!

12. You like napping while thinking about the movie you have watched or the book you have read. That's why sleep and dreams are very important for you.

13. Because you aren't very active at home, you just buy sports equipment to exercise.

14. You like watching people on the street from your balcony while having a cup of tea or coffee and making up stories about those people.

15. The perfect hang out scenario with friends is meeting at your place, watching a movie, eating and chatting.

16. When you stay away from your home for a while, you miss your armchair, bed and even the coffee mug. You dream about the day you will see them again!

17. Sweatpants are almost a sedative drug for you. You feel like the happiest person in the world when you get rid of your daily clothes and get in your sweatpants.

18. And if given the choice, you would prefer working from home than in an office.
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