10 Badass Dads And Their Not To Be Messed With Kids!

> 10 Badass Dads And Their Not To Be Messed With Kids!

Obviously all fathers rock. But if you want jumping-from-helicopters-and-recharging-ammunition-midair-to-protect-offspring kind of badassery, let's take a look at movies.

Movie descriptions may contain spoilers!

Darth Vader

Skip this one if you haven't seen Star Wars even in 2017. Even his breathing is scary, and he can cause planetary havoc with just a finger swipe, but Darth Vader is actually an incredible father. We recognize this at the end of the sixth movie when he saves his son. He throws the electricity darting emperor into space like skipping stones on water. Shows that even if you are the evilest villain of the galaxy, fatherhood is special and so real.

Big Chris

In Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Big Chris is an amazing dad despite his cruelty. Even the slightest threat to Little Chris can mean the end of you. This is the guy who changes ammunitions. Just... Caution.

Mel Gibson in Ransom

Mel Gibson in Ransom

There might not be much for a plot where the dad pays a ransom to take back his kidnapped son. But Mel Gibson's crazy dad scene at the end of the film definitely impresses. If you think of kidnapping someone, just don't choose people with parents like him. Just don't. You can make good money in other evil ways, where everyone wins.


Mufasa may be classiest of fathers. He is nice, polite, loving, but most definitely not weak. Any attempt to hurt his son, he wouldn't hesitate to end you.

Walter White

There is no denying that Walter is an amazing ammunition-changing father. Apart from what he did to those jerks messing with his son at the shop in the first episode, we really mean what he did for Jesse. 

Jesse is really like Walter's biological son; if you try to hurt him in any way expect Walter to run you over with a car, or shoot you in the head. Not scared yet? He'll blow you up, or cut you in the pieces and leave you in a trunk.

James Potter

Well, Harry's dad James Potter might be a jerk (according to Snape) but there's no doubt that he was a true badass father. He jumped in front of the Dark Lord even though he didn't have a chance to win. Just to protect his son. This puts him in the 'midair-ammunition-changing' father category.


Badass is not enough to describe this guy. He's John Connor's guardian angel, and just like John's confession, he really is a father. A father as much as his circuits would allow him, one that would go all the way to protect.

Hasta la vista, baby!

Vito Corleone

We can't just ramble on about fathers without mentioning The Godfather. The poor Italian kid who moved to the USA, and built a giant empire with his subtle smartness, Vito is the father who'd not only charge ammunitions but would also place the chopped head of a beloved horse on someone's bed.

Han Solo

Ah Solo, we finally see you as a dad. Even though we don't quite know how his fatherhood went, most of his struggle in the 7th movie is to bring his son Kylo Ren to the 'Light Side.' Badassery? High level.

John Q.

John Q.

John Q. took a whole hospital hostage to find a heart transplant for his son, so he deserves to be on this list. Normally you would protest for this stuff, or threaten to jump off a building. But John Q. takes the path less traveled for this one.