Hollywood's 15 Most Shocking Sex Scandals


Here we present to you the shocking sex scandals that even Hollywood residents found hard to believe. 

Source: https://onedio.com/haber/okudukca-apisip...

Britney Spears' mystery sex tape.


No one believed the Britney Spears sex tape was real until it went viral. Who her partner was, or who recorded the tape, are still unsolved mysteries.

Karolina Kurkova's claim that she had a threesome with the beloved Hollywood couple Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie.


The Brangelina duo left it to our imagination by not confirming or denying this claim.

Eddie Murphy was busted once with a transsexual prostitute in Los Angeles.


He claimed that he was giving her a ride home, and wasn't charged. It did raise many questions, though.

Hugh Grant was busted with a prostitute during his relationship with Liz Hurley, and arrested in Los Angeles.


After his arrest ,he pleaded guilty and confessed that it was a terrible mistake, but that wasn't enough to save his relationship.

Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart's threesome tape with former Miss Youth America pageant Kari Ann Peniche


The leaked tape was 12 minutes long and got record views online.

Rick Salomon leaked his sex tape with Paris Hilton as a revenge when they broke up.


It got so many views online, that Hilton filed a copyright lawsuit for her name on the tape! Always make the best out of a situation ;)

Kim Kardashian also turned crisis into opportunity...


When tapes with her ex Ray J were leaked she bought the rights to it and made a ton of money.

Famous director Roman Polanski's pedophilia charges.


Polanski, 43 at the time, never returned to the USA after the arrest warrant for intercourse with a 13-year-old girl and switched to having French citizenship.

David Letterman's $2 million blackmailing.


In 2009, he confessed to having sex with multiple of his employees and refused to pay blackmail worth $2 million. 

He apologized to his wife and everyone and made amends to correct the situation.

Julia Roberts joined an orgy... And of course, it got leaked.


Her fans were shocked to see the tape and her reputation was badly damaged.

John Travolta was shaken with a $2 million lawsuit for harassment... towards a masseur.


Fans were shocked to hear the claims against the Pulp Fiction star. Other masseurs were encouraged by the lawsuit and made similar complaints.

Playboy girl Nicole Narain leaked her 13-minute sex tape with Colin Farrell, and this shocked fans...


...But it mostly shocked his Polish fiancee at the time. 

She immediately broke with him.

Woody Allen & Step-Daughter


Woody Allen's affair with his long-term lover Mia Farrow's step-daughter was a major scandal, considering he even had a son with Farrow, and that he was 54 while their step-daughter was 19.

Allen was quite unapologetic with his claim that love is blind and married Soon-Yi Previn 5 years after the scandal.

Kristen Stewart was busted cheating on Robert Pattinson, with director Rupert Sanders.


Pattinson chose to forgive her, even among the gossip and news. At least he wasn't cheated on with another "Robert"...

Jude Law confessed to cheating on his fiancee Sienna Miller with their babysitter in 2005.


Of course, that was the end of their relationship. 3 years later Miller was caught making out with actor Balthazar Getty, who was married with 4 children.

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