Hey Guys! Here's What You've Been Doing All Along To Drive Girls Insane: Mansplaining!

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There's a common misconception that men always know everything better than a woman and there's no way a woman can have detailed information on a subject as well as men do. In fact, when talking with a man, most women feel like they're being looked down on because of the man's attitude. Well, guys, it's time to change that. Let's see how a woman feels in situations like these.

Dear men, let's say you are a woman. There are things about the news, life, you, and you want to discuss and talk about it.


And the man you are talking to suddenly cuts you off and starts giving you advice, information, and explanations about that topic ...


Let's say you are debating the negative effects of democracy ...


Without passing on to the second sentence, the man you're talking to starts talking about ancient Greece, where democracy was invented. Even though you have a very good knowledge of the subject, he's still doing it. He tells it like he's telling his mother. He doesn't even wonder what your level of knowledge on the subject is and talks to you as if you know nothing.

If you are the guy in this story, it's a good to know that you are more repellent than a hadron collider!


Women hate this about you!


Actually, it's not something new. There is a term in English for this that is referred to as mansplaining. It is called the act of men explaining things to women like they look down on them.

The thing hidden in this attitude is the idea a woman can't know more than a man on any subject.


Having intensive and detailed information on a subject that seems trivial is often described as "being a geek."


The stereotypical image of a geek is always a white man.

Can't women become geeks? Of course they can. But prejudices continue to get in the way again.


It is often thought that women acting like geeks are not actually geeks, but they do it because it looks cool.

This may in fact explain the source of all prejudices.


Thinking that women will not have detailed information on one subject and will be satisfied with superficial information ...

If you are a man, face this simple fact that women, too, can be as knowledgeable as men in this era we're living in.

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