Here Are The Edible Self Care Products You Should Try Asap!


Recently, more and more makeup brands have been touting themselves as using "food grade" ingredients. Here are some we wanted to share with you!

1. Homemade face masks!

There are literally thousands of these recipes that you can find on the internet, but a nice avocado mask is one of my favorite trends. It makes you feel like an organic flower child, while also creating clearer, brighter skin.

2. How does your lipstick taste?

Bite Beauty produces edible lipsticks, like the one in the photo called Bite Beauty's Luminous Créme Lipstick in Muscat.

3. Sugar nails

This is a new funky nail design trend. You take some wet nails and dip them in sugar to add a fuzzy, gritty texture. Of course there are polish companies trying to sell you a toxic bottle of the stuff, but try opting for the cheaper choice by heading to the pantry to try this one out.

4. Even your eyeliner can turn out to be tasty.

The model is wearing RMS's Living Luminizer, Bite Beauty's High Pigment Matte Pencil, and 100% Pure's Gel Eyeliner.

5. Delicious eyelids.

This pizza is served with 100% Pure's Pearl Stick Cream Eyeshadow in Pewter.

6. Bronze good.

The Brightening Concealer and Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer are also to taste.

7. Frutel’s Acne Fighting Chocolate

Okay, so this is a chocolate, that you eat, that helps your skin fight acne? I’m in. This little chocolate is packed with tons of vitamins, it helps skin from the inside out. It’s vegan, kosher, and sugar-free which is crazy cool. Apparently, it’s mainly for teenagers, but I definitely will volunteer to eat some candy for the sake of my skin.

8. Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty

She literally came up with this edible powder!

9. Yummy and clean skin.

This natural lemon peel cleanser, although said to not be very delicious, is totally edible.

10. Taste is on your lips.

Lastly, we present you this edible lip balm of Aviva Pure Brown Suga Lip Scrub with coconut oil.

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