Harvard Scientific Thinks That The Aliens Send Radio Signals To The World!


The radio signals that we will soon be talking about are not new, nor did we not know about them. A professor at Harvard University, only thinks that we have misinterpreted these signals for years. Let's what these signals are, in case you haven't heard of them, and what they mean in the scientific world.

Avi Loeb, who works at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced his claims about aliens in February 2017.


According to Loeb, who wrote an article on the subject, rapid radio bursts, first uncovered by researchers in 2007, may indicate the presence of aliens.

According to the professor, these sources may be transmitters the size of a planet.


According to Loeb, who believes that there may be huge signal transmitters in space, these transmitters are probably used to control interplanetary space ships.

Loeb thinks the source of fast radio bursts can't be explained in any other way.


Considering the short-term effects and the distances to the earth, Loeb points out that these signals are extremely powerful, and he thinks it needs to be investigated against possible alien presence.

Manasvi Lingam, who accompanies Loeb in his article, is also a professor at Harvard University.


Loeb and Lingam emphasize that a transmitter capable of transmitting such high energy throughout the universe is roughly twice as large as the Earth and must be found on a mostly water-based planet.

Though it may seem unbelievable for a vehicle this big to exist, it is highly probable as well.


And if Loeb and Lingam's theory is true, this transmitter may have the power to direct space ships which are one million tons. In short, the aliens may be using instruments twenty times as big as the largest spacecraft ever built by mankind.

Manasvi Lingam says:


"A spacecraft of this magnitude can travel between stars and even galaxies, and the radio signals that control these ships can also work at an optimal level, causing the signals to spread to the void of the space, and sometimes to us." This is not something impossible ... "  

This statement is sufficient to explain the brief nature of fast radio bursts.


If rapid radio bursts really emerge as the end result of the technology they use to manage alien ships, this logically explains all the characteristics of the signals we perceive. However, of course, we do not yet have solid evidence that this is true. If the theory of Loeb and Lingam is true, let's hope they come in peace.. 👽

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