Do You Know What Type Of Tear You've Just Shed?

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We all cry for one reason or another. The tears we have when we're peeling an onion are not the same when we're watching a move. If you're curious what kind of difference there is, let's take a look together!

First of all, let's look at how crying happens.

Tears are produced by the tear glands in the upper eyelids at a regular rate. Tear glands are also known as lacrimal glands. Each gland is about the size of shelled almond and is divided into upper and lower portions.

Your lacrimal glands can produce a lot of tears.

The lacrimal gland is located on the top part of the eye. The brain parts are stimulated by lacrimal glands to produce tears and lacrimal gland starts its business. When a lot of tears is produced, it can release them from the eyes and the noses.

Tears are actually salty fluid full of protein, mucus, water, and oil.

There are 3 different types of tears.

There are different kinds of tears – basal tears, reflex tears, and emotional tears. Basal tears are those that keep our eyes from drying out. Reflex tears help protect human eye from certain irritants. The last type is the emotional tears that come out due to stress or sadness but it's still a subject that is discussed.

Basal tears are those that keep our eyes from drying out.

Even if you don't notice them, they can always be produced.

Your basal tears looks just like this under a microscope!

Reflex tears are produced if it's windy, if there's smoke, or if you're peeling an onion.

There are more antibodies in this type of tear against the microorganisms.

Our tears after we peel an onion look like this.

Emotional tears come out due to stress or sadness.

The tears we shed when we're emotional are actually natural painkillers that act like endorphins. Hormones like leucine and enkephalin help this effect.

From an evolutionary perspective, emotional tears are seen as signals to problems.

It's thought that it came out as a signal under the pressure of selection or as an indicator of the other living things that we're threatened by, the predators, and that we are vulnerable.

As human behavior changes with evolution, we start to cry for different reasons as well.

When a person has a problem or a discomfort around him/her, crying can be used as a signal to show this discomfort. It's also used as a way to get support in times of need. It is also thought that crying brings out love and mercy on the other person, so it is used to save relationships.

This is how your tears look when you're laughing so hard you begin crying.

This is how it looks when you're sad.

Is the tear we shed when we're emotional hormonal or is it a social signal?

Science hasn't been able to answer to this question yet.

If you want to have more information, watch the video.

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