College Life: Expectations vs. Reality In 17 Steps!


So it's the end of the year and you're trying to find your perfect college. Hmm let's hit its website and check the photos. Oh wow, look at that amazing garden. People look so friendly, the library seems well equipped, too. 

But guess what? It's all a bunch of lies...All said in the name of making extra bucks! Here's what you should know before you start browsing colleges...


1. The library: What it looks like...


2. Group projects look like this.

But actually, they're not any better than this!

3. What student residences look like...

And this is the room you actually end up in!

4. Socializing

Real socializing!

5. Responsible friends in the halls...

But life's never fair!

6. Doing your homework and following deadlines looks like:

This is you before the deadline!

7. All the feasts you'll enjoy...

Aaaaand back to reality!

8. All the cool extra features on campus!

Here's what you really need...

9. Dining together...

Ironing together...

10. Studying together looks like:

What it actually looks like!

11. This is the view on the website...

And this is your view!

12. What classrooms look like:

How they really are...

13. This is what students look like after finals...

This is how YOU look!

14. Look at all these activities!

Take a look at the ugly truth!

15. Food photos...

Your daily meal...

16. Computer labs...

What students really do in there!

17. Enjoying the sun looks like...

What it really looks like!
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