Artist Transforms Disney Princesses Into Racy Vintage Pin-Up Models!


It seems nothing from our childhood will be left innocent these days. Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov decided to reimagine our lovely, classy princesses as sexy pin-up models, and here are the results: A naked Ariel swimming with Sebastian and Flounder, a playful Snow White in bed with one of the dwarfs, and many more!


1. Elsa and Anna

2. Cruella De Ville

3. Merida

4. Madame Medusa

5. Elsa and Kristoff

6. Queen of Hearts

7. Tiana

8. Madam Mim

9. Tinkerbell

10. Jasmine

11. Lady Tremain

12. Rapunzel

13. Mother Gothel

14. Belle And The Beast

15. Ariel

16. Ursula

17. Aurora and Philip

18. Maleficent

19. Snow White

20. Evil Queen

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