All The Good And The Bad About Dating A Hottie!


"... Something happened the other day. I saw a girl, so hot that I couldn't even look at her. What I mean is, she was so beautiful that I felt like I had no right to look at her. A guy like me, 120kg, hairy as f*ck, shouldn't be allowed to look at her, right? And then an idiot left her seated at the table, left her to play darts, the girl waited and waited for him, all alone at the table. I mean WTF? If I had a girl like that, I would carry her on my shoulders, I would put a f*cking crown on her pretty head. How can you leave her alone and go do something else? Are you a bloody idiot? Are you filthy rich? What is it that I don't get?"

1. You are constantly scared of losing her.

2. You can't help wondering what she sees in you.

3. While your self-esteem gets boosted, you also feel like it is getting crushed.

4. You are always the in direct object of the sentence "What does this girl see in him?"

5. Other girls look at you like "There has got to be something great about him."

6. You can't stop jealousy attacks.

7. You find yourself sucking things up during a fight.

8. You have to deal with the stress you feel when you two go out.

9. You feel like you always have to improve yourself to keep her happy.

10. You set sail to the wild and dark sea of metro-sexuality just not to feel smashed next to her.

11. You never experience any problem with entering pubs and clubs.

12. Your friends look up to you.

13. You can never find somebody like her if you happen to break up.

14. Your mom definitely drops the expression "You can't fit a round peg in a square hole" on you.

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