A Pest That Consumes People Inside Out Emotion Exploiters With Their 21 Prominent Features

> A Pest That Consumes People Inside Out Emotion Exploiters With Their 21 Prominent Features

Emotion exploiters are utterly dangerous people. Although they do not harm others visibly like physical or sexual exploiters, the psychological damage they do is pretty deep. Moreover, it is very hard to point your finger on them, as there is no concrete proof available.

It can make things way worse if a person who is being emotionally exploited ends up suffering from depression, feels desperate and gets the answer 'You are exaggerating it.' once they open up to somebody about what they are going through. Emotion exploitation is as dangerous as other kinds of exploitation. You have to rid your life of these people and stay away from them. You have to stop it before it gets worse.

Here is a manual for you to detect and identify emotion exploiters; stay as far away as possible from these poisonous and harmful people.

1. They constantly try to point out your mistakes, flaws and shortcomings.

2. They threaten and scold you to keep you under control.

3. They tend to blame others for the problems that they have in their lives.

4. They love to create the impression that they are unreachable and unattainable.

5. They are obsessed with being respected, they are excessively intolerant to even the smallest things that they perceive as disrespectful.

6. They don't have a sense of humor, they wouldn't even laugh at jokes because they see it as a weakness.

7. They constantly try to pressure you by saying "I'm always right, and you are always wrong.

8. They always make you feel like you have to have their permission and confirmation.

9. No matter how small they are, they always try to correct your mistakes and do it in the rudest way possible.

10. They blame you for being weak, if they recognize that they have hurt you or they are being too hard on you.

11. They regularly ignore your ideas, suggestions, offers and etc and act indifferently.

12. They can act like a child just to get what they want and are convinced that they will have their way with puppy eyes.

13. They don't hesitate to play the victim no matter what the circumstance is, they try hard to be right and persuade everybody that they are injured party.

14. They are very far from seeing you as an individual, they just see you as an extension that is necessary to make things work.

15. They don't refrain from giving you nicknames and constantly pretend to have forgotten your name.

16. They always use their body language to show that they do not approve of you.

17. You can't find a trace of compassion or empathy in their behavior towards you.

18. They don't care one bit about your feelings and emotions, they are actually totally unaware of them.

19. They constantly push your limits and violate your personal space: they reject and ignore their existence.

20. They always have to keep in touch, namely, you should always see them and respect them.

21. Lastly, these people never accept that they are emotion exploiters and believe that their behavior is very usual and normal.