A New Study Says People Who Swear More May Be More Honest!


Are you one of those who is disgusted by filthy words? Well, some people are definitely not, in fact, they turn four-letter words into an art form. And science is on their side too: a recent study says people who swear more may also be more honest!

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Researchers from Stanford, University of Cambridge, Maastricht University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology conducted a two-part study. The results were quite interesting.

They concluded that people who can easily let loose with a string of obscenities are likely more honest as well.

For the first part of the study, the team conducted interviews with 276 subjects from across the U.S.

The research team tried to figure out participants’ favorite curse words and how often they use them, and how honest they are by asking them about blame-placing, game-playing, and other activities that help determine trustworthiness.

For the second part, the team analyzed the status updates of nearly 75,000 Facebook users.

They looked for linguistic indicators of deception, such as the use of third-person pronouns and more negative words.

“The consistent findings across the studies suggest that the positive relation between profanity and honesty is robust, and that the relationship found at the individual level indeed translates to the society level,” the study concluded.

The researchers see swearing as an honest form of expression, no matter how rude that sounds to some.

The more curse words that come out of a person’s mouth, the more truthful they’re likely to be, as swearing itself is a form of candid talk.

"You might think if someone is swearing a lot, this is a negative social behavior," study co-author David Stillwell says.

“On the other hand, they are not filtering their language so they are probably also not putting their stories about what is going on through similar filters which might turn them into untruths."

Swearing seems to be a popular topic among scientist...

Another study was published in 2016 which suggested that people who swear a lot may possess a higher verbal intelligence.

And a 2014 study showed that swearing can actually provide pain relief.

I can almost hear you say "F*ck yeah!"

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