A Doomsday Theory: What Would Happen If The U.S.A Hit North Korea With An Atom Bomb?


Now that North Korea's nuclear weapons have become a situation that needs to be taken seriously, a doomsday scenario is being spread: What would happen if North Korea bombs The U.S.A? Nothing pretty we can imagine, but how would it be like in reality? Do both countries have a plan for this? Has this been thought of and talked about before? Let's see what can happen in 7 steps...

Vice interviewed North Korean analyst Rodger Baker, putting the possibility on the table and revealed seven stages after a possible attack.


Let's say, North Korea decided to hit the US. We're looking at it step by step.

The first step: the US probably would receive information before the attack.


The present technology of North Korea does not allow the fuse to suddenly take its place. That is, the missile can be launched by loading it into a launching platform or a transport unit. But even so, it takes more than 1 hour to prepare the missile for launching. Of course, the U.S.A follows every move that goes on in the world and will not just wait and take something like that.

The second step: the US or Japan would plan an early attack.


The idea might be that the best defense is to attack. Therefore, they might attack them before the missile leaves Korea. In fact, this was spoken of by the generals, they can do it even without the approval of the president. But there is also the fact that if the US, which has not yet been hit, is attacked, would the U.S not be innocent? It is said that the US may somehow escape from this position. However, even if it is weak, the possibility of waiting for the missile to be launched is not ignored.

Third step: North Korea launches the missile.


It's unclear where the target would go. Nevertheless, Baker points out that it is located in the very center of Austin: "The missile will come out in some way. It is not certain if it will strike the target."

Fourth step: the US or Japan tries to hit the missile in the air.


Thanks to special radar and satellite systems, the two allied nations have this power. Whether the systems work flawlessly is a matter of debate. It is known that THAAD, the advanced air defense system the US plans to establish in South Korea, is being put on suspension due to the ambiguous political environment in the country. In other words, even though it is less likely, there is a possibility that the missile would hit  US soil.

The fifth step: China intervenes.


If North Korea attacks, China will intervene in North Korea in terms of its own interests. Why? Is it because of what they think of their greatest opponent the United States? Not really. The possibility of war means North Korea would become a unified Korea under the control of the U.S. This, of course, is something that China would not want.

Sixth step: The U.S would attack but not with nuclear weapons.


The US is going to attack in some way. But it will not be with nuclear weapons. An atomic bomb to be thrown into North Korea, which is a very narrow peninsula, would do more harm than necessary. This means that after the country is under control, it will become a wreck, something that the US wouldn't want. Instead, a conventional air strike is planned, which will destroy North Korea's weapons systems.

Seventh step: North Korea's very likely defeat.


As both sides attack, we can say that it will become an actual war. It is thought that North Korea will put all its strength in the first few hours of the war. These include the attack of a biological chemical weapon against the US ally South Korea. This means the beginning of the end for North Korea ...

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