A Crime Instrument That Became A Symbol Of Illegal Activities: Molotov Cocktail

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Molotov cocktail is a weapon that many of you see in action, demonstrations, or uprisings. How did this substance, which is often used, come into being? Where does the name Molotov come from?

Spanish Civil War


Molotov is known for the first time during the Spanish Civil War. This war, which took place between 1936 and 1939, was an initiative launched by the Nationalists gathered around General Franco to take over the administration. General Franco, who was the winner of this tackle in 1939, then ruled Spain until the end of his life in 1975. There are also those who call the General Franco administration a dictatorship.


During this civil war, Molotov cocktails are known to be used against Soviet T-26 tanks. In fact, Molotov could not do anything to these huge tanks. The main principle was that the flaming tank would be overheated and the personnel in it would be unable to see the job and forced to leave the tank. Realizing the power of this flammable substance, General Franco ordered all the soldiers to use it.

Where does the name come from?


The name Molotov Cocktail, during the Winter War, which started with the attack of Soviets to Finland under the leadership of Stalin between 1939-40 (allegedly the famous sniper Simo Häyhä had served in this war and killed 505 people), was invaded by Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. It is said to have been put forward as a reference. Filhakika Vyacheslav Molotov has been very uncomfortable with his own name being given to a war weapon.

From left to right: Vyaçeslav Mihayloviç Molotov, Josef Stalin

The Molotov consisted mainly of a mixture of sulfuric acid, gasoline, and graphite. These mixtures, which were collected in glass bottles, were ignited with the aid of a suppository, and when the suppository was fired, the Molotov explosion was ready. The Molotov left a big flame ball after it exploded in the place where it was thrown. Especially the Molotov, used by the soldiers of almost every state in World War II, stopped the tanks, destroyed the machine gun nests, burned the warehouses and positions, and kept the enemy's progress for a short while.

Beyond: Napalm Bomb

It is possible to see Napalm Bombas, which started to be used towards the end of the World War II and became the symbol of the Vietnam War, in fact as a bigger picture of the Molotov cocktail.

Legal Responsibilities and Punishments


Molotov cocktails were used in various conflicts for years became the symbol of some illegal groups and demonstrations by guerrilla movements after World War II. Holding, preparing, or using Molotov cocktails is a criminal offense in almost all countries.

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