A 12 Step Guide To Briefly Dumping Your Kid On Others!


Before you start judging, think about how you always look out for those little moments of silence. It's not like you hate your own child, but deep down, you want someone else to take care of them briefly so you could just take a moment...

Say no more! With our master guide, you'll easily find people to look after your baby!

1. To your mother: My mother-in-law can't really look after him/her, you're the best!

Your mother-in-law, from your mother's eyes.

2. To your mother-in-law: My mother can't really look after him/her, you're the best!

Your mother, from your mother-in-law's eyes.

3. To the girl you've met on the beach: Awww look how much he liked you! You can have him for a while.

Make sure you pick the right girl so you won't lose the father as well!

4. To the friend that won't have kids: Honeeeey, it's really easy. Here, just give a try. I'm right here!

This usually ends bad but those 30 minutes are so worth it!

5. To the friend dying to have kids: Oh honeyyyy, you're just the perfect mother. Here, hold him/her and have a go.

Brace yourself! Weird selfies are incoming.

6. Time to use the father: He/she kept screaming your name all day long! Awww look at that hug...

But...The baby can't even talk?

7. Time to use the father v2.: It's really important that you two have some time alone. Father-child relationships really depend on early childhood experiences.

Nailed iiiiit!

8. To the father v3.: You know how girls look up to their fathers! You should get to experience it, too!

If it's a boy, go for "like father, like son!"

9. The girl next door: Little Jamie kept looking for his cute big sister Katie!!! Here, he's all yours!

She will never be the same!

10. To the grandpa: He's very intelligent and never makes a scene. You two will really hit it off!

If only you weren't my only daughter...

11. To the newly moved in couple: Sorry guys, but I'm feeling really sick. Can you look after him/her for just an hour?

Consider some food bribing as well!

12. Last resort: iPad, TV or other media devices.

This is actually pretty unhealthy for your kid. We'd never recommend such a thing, but sadly, some parents actually do that.

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