9 Things That Make Every Woman Happy


Contrary to popular belief, it's not that difficult to make women happy. Sometimes they can be happy with the little things :)

1. MORE high heels


Women wish they could just have all the high heel shoes in the world.

2. Hearing they look way younger than their actual age.

Few people who watch ElIen would imagine that she is actually 58.

3. Buying a great dress on sale.

Women totally LOVE sales, and finding a perfect dress on sale makes them happier than a bar of good chocolate can  :)

4. Of course sweets...

Sweets are indispensable

5. Getting a new hobby.

It doesn't necessarily have to be knitting. Any kind of hobby is a great way to relieve stress, a creative outlet and a way to meet new people :)

6. Having perfect skin.

Flawless skin is one of the things that every woman would feel happy to have.

7. Singing and dancing while driving

Putting on lipstick is not the only thing women love to do while waiting at red lights.

8. Enjoying a cup of herbal tea and get relaxed.

Especially when you get back home after work.

9. And of course: Hearing how much you love them.

Though there is no wrong time for it, women love to hear it, especially when they're least expecting it, like in the middle of a movie, on the way to dinner or on an unexpected phone call from work.

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