9 Gentlemanly Behavior To Melt Hearts!


Romantic dates have gotten quite interesting in the modern day world. Some types of behavior that men used to display and that made women happy have long been forgotten. In this content, we list those 'chivalrous acts' for you. We don't want to cause any misunderstandings, though. Showing these acts does not mean that one gender is superior to the other, or that women need men. It only means that these acts contribute, to a certain extent, to a better relationship and have their role to play in the happiness of women. That being said, if a man displays these behaviors, that means he loves that woman and cares for her, which is basically enough for a person to be happy. Here are 9 things that make women pretty happy:

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1. Opening Doors For A Lady


A man who goes before you to hold the door so you feel comfortable is a thoughtful man. Sure, everyone is capable enough to open the doors for themselves, but a man doing this shows that he is considerate. Women appreciate men who give them comfort, even for a few seconds.

2. Giving The Last Bite To Her


They say that the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach. So, if a man is keeping the last bite for a woman, it means that he loves her more than he loves any kind of food, even more than he loves himself.  Women love this. We're saying that based on experience.

3. Spending Time With Your Family


A man that shows interest in childhood pictures of the woman he loves, mentors her brother or pays compliments to his mother-in-law, is a man that a woman would want to spend her life with.  Although these are very little details, the returns are huge.

4. Compromising To Make Her Happy.


A man who is willing to watch a movie or a show that is especially targeted at women knows that this will make her happy. This man is self-sacrificing, just to make you happy, although he has no interest in the movie or show at all. Isn't this enough to show you how much he cares about you?

5. Sending/Giving Flowers.


Yes, it is as true as it is cliche that every woman loves getting flowers. We're not talking about some $150 bouquet with a cool note on it. We're talking about a simple bouquet that you can get from a random florist on the way back home on a Thursday night, just because you were thinking about her at that moment. You cannot believe how happy a woman can get if she gets flowers when she least expects them.

6. Walking On The Outside of A Sidewalk


This is a small detail with a huge impact. If you insist on walking on the outside of the sidewalk, she will get confused at first. But after a while, women start questioning why all the other men they've dated have done the same thing. If a man loves a woman enough to protect her, even when they're just walking on the sidewalk, he gets more love and trust each day.

7. Kissing Her On The Forehead.


You must be careful doing this, so as not to give the message that you see her as a sister.  That's why you should  avoid it on the first date.  But, if you are in a long term relationship, it is very meaningful when you kiss her on the forehead. A man showing this behavior is caring and loving.

8. Playing With Her Hair And Looking Into Her Eyes


Women need to be loved and cared for, just like men do. The more you caress her, the better you show how much you love her and care for her. This will make her feel happy and what you will get in return will be happinesss.

9. Helping Her Put Her Jacket On


Women are capable of putting their jackets on on their own, and it would be fair to say that they are better at it than men. So, the point here is not to help a woman with something, but to make her feel and understand the message that you will always be there when she needs you. Relationships are based on mutual love and support. Therefore, a woman who knows that you'll always be there will feel more safe and will get rid of the feelings of loneliness. Your relationship will get better and you will mutually benefit from this.

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