8 Big Mistakes Every Bride Make!


It is highly likely that you will face and get over several troubles, big and small, until that magical moment you will say "Yes." And how do we know? Of course, from those who have already said "Yes." Primarily your fiance, all your friends and relatives (including the distant ones), parents, uncles and aunts will make those troubles inevitable, making you even more stressed on the big day. 

Is it possible to survive the hustle and bustle of the wedding day? We hope that the common mistakes we compiled below will help you have a perfect day.

1. Not Prioritizing Your Own Needs and Wants

Just close your eyes and think before you invest tons of money on wedding magazines and run from this boutique to that one. What kind of a wedding do you really want? A sophisticated and luxurious fairytale wedding, where everyone is chic and flawless? A wedding where everyone will be wild with joy and dance like crazy? Or a perfect outdoor country wedding? Think about your priorities, and remember the wedding ceremonies and parties you've attended, then decide what you like.

2. Buying the Wedding Dress Before Deciding on the Venue

Of course you will wear the dress of your dreams. But it might be a good idea to decide on the type of wedding you want and the venue before you buy it. If you choose a very posh venue to get married and wear a plain dress, you might regret not having chosen a more flamboyant one.

3. Being A Victim Of A Crash Diet

We would recommend you to follow a diet program that will help you to keep your weight under control starting six months before the wedding, rather that cutting out all sugar and carbohydrates and going on a crash diet shortly before the wedding.  In this way, you will save yourself some extra stress. Who would want to be exhausted and worn out on their honeymoon?

4. To Have An Updo As If It Is A Must-Do

Who said that an updo is the international standard for bridal hair? We know that you should not be afraid of asking for other hairstyles than a 'messy updo' or a 'tight updo'.  Of course, you can wear it if you like it, but let's just say that you've seen a beautiful braided style on Pinterest... Ask your hair dresser to do it. You can choose the crown and the veil accordingly.

5. Letting The Secret Heroes of Your Wedding Go Without Food

The last thing that a bride could ask for is an unenthusiastic DJ/Band or a worn out photographer.  For your wedding to go as you've dreamed, think about when they will eat or what they will eat beforehand. When you are talking about the prices with your wedding planner, photographer, cameraman, DJ or band, you can include the food into the budget. Your florist or the waiters of the venue are not part of the plan.

6. Forgetting to Greet Some of the Guests

If you are having the ceremony and the reception separately, you are not going to have any problems. But if you are going to have both at the same place, you might have to go and have a chat with each and every guest. If there are too many guests, it will be a hard job.  You might want to plan a helpful 'route around the tables' to do that.  How about handing guests their wedding souvenirs yourselves and thanking them for coming, though this is  uncommon?

7. Letting Families Get In The Way and Get Tense

Yes, weddings are one of the most important social events of your life, and shopping for your wedding might sometimes get as crowded as the wedding itself, especially in some cultures.  We are not telling you to go and do the shopping all by yourselves, but you don't need your whole family and neighbors from both sides. Since it is so normal that everyone has their own taste and style, it is inevitable that you get tense if everyone starts to give their opinion. Keep the crowded shopping event to the minimum if you have to do it, but do the rest with your husband-to-be.

8. Choosing A Giant Bouquet

We are sure that your bouquet is beautiful, especially if you get fresh flowers. But the day is your day, not the bouquet's. Most brides look at their wedding photos and wish that they had chosen a smaller bouquet as they realize it overshadowed the dress.

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