7 Things We're Mistaken About Aliens!


Aliens have been coming and going, flying, and kidnapping people to put chips into them for years, but what benefits have we gained from them? They never say hi and never stop by to drink coffee with us. What do they want from us?

1. They never get in contact with us

For as long as I can remember, aliens have been around. There are even sketches, paintings and sculptures of UFOs and spacemen remaining from the Aztek and Maya civilizations. This means they have been visiting us for a long time, but why don’t they say “hi” at all?  Why so brutal? Are you guys retarded or something, that you still haven’t collect enough information about us yet? It’s been thousands of years, but you still can’t say hello.

Maybe your technology is rampant, but you still lack kindness. Don’t the ones who send you guys ask “you’ve been there for 200 years, what the fuck are you doing still doing there?” Shame on you.

2. They fly around like fools without taking shit

Nothing goes away from this planet; a tree, water, air, minerals, nothing. We don’t have anything else, other than a couple of stories of how they kidnapped some people. You guys don’t even take anything as a souvenir, and you didn’t park your UFO anywhere around here. Look at us, we went to the Moon and Mars without hiding. We look forward to landing anywhere we find in space, and we try to collect as much as we can when we get there. I don’t get how careless and fearful you guys are, you don’t take anything away from our world. We have gold, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, jewels, and water here. Man, we have H20, don’t you care at all, or find it useful, maybe? You know how to get here from millions of miles away, but you just hang out flying and then go back. I really don’t understand how you reached that technology level.

There are trees, spinach, mandarin oranges... I mean at least try them!

3. It’s the same flying disc technology for years

We haven’t see any developments in the last 200 years of those hover crafts that reach the speed of light in seconds. I guess your technology is actually slow, but you’re lucky to have found the UFO and be using it for years. Come down, teach us too, be friends and visit each other. But no, you’re just making circles with that UFO, without doing shit. Maybe we know the solution to your problems, and you know ours, let’s face it.

I don’t even know who I am talking to right now, who is your boss, ha?

4. They don’t even try to send a message

If you guys had left your dog here with the first visiting UFO, that dog would learn a language and would try to communicate with us. But you guys hesitate to start a conversation. I understand if you ran into some bad people in your first visits and maybe got hurt, but it doesn’t mean everyone in the world is like that. Look at us, we sacrificed a lot for telescopes, spacecrafts, and space shuttles just to explore.

At least send a couple of signals to show you’re there. Psychopaths.

5. Their infinite effort to kidnap and put chips into people

This is the biggest act of rudeness! They don’t say hi, don’t exploit our resources, don’t try to invade our land because they can’t dare. Instead, they sneakily kidnap people, exploit their brains, and put chips inside them. Is this the best you can do? Chips? Is this the technology you possess while you use UFOs? Then what happens, do you collect information about us? It’s been 500 years, you still have nothing?

You won’t get any information, even if you put chips into every single one of us. Moron.

6. They don’t invade the World

Do this at least! You don’t do shit, don’t make a sound, aren't open to chat... it’s obvious that you’re shy, but invade us! Attack us, let’s fight with each other, let’s live an adventure and feel action! Maybe we’ll understand each other at least. Attack us morons, hit the Earth so we’ll understand you’re there.

7. They draw weirds signs like little kids

This is your latest fun, I guess; drawing signs in corn fields. Circles, squares and infinite lines, stupid shit like that. What’s your plan? To make us wonder? Making us neurotics and invading our minds like that? Do you need our brains burned for you to eat them? Are you sneakily marinating us? We still devote our time to understanding your shit. Obviously, you’re doing something like a teenager and we give credit to it. The world is the canvas and you’re the painter.  Yeah, we get that... came all the way to paint, well done.

Bonus: They always prefer the same countries

Do you constantly visit America because NASA is there? Why didn’t we see you guys in Afghanistan before? Don’t you like Yemen, Oman, Cambodia or Iceland? You just like to show off!

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