6 Ways Japanese Women Eat That Help Them Stay In Shape


Have you wondered how the graceful and beautiful Japanese women manage to look decades younger, live long, and healthy lives? BrightSide has ended this mystery for you with the following compilation of inspiring food habits.

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Rich and Balanced Diet


Obviously, sushi isn't what Japanese people eat all the time. Their cuisine is diverse with seafood, soy, rice, veggies, and fruits. And of course, green tea! Their diet includes all types of nutrition in delicious ways so that they can easily avoid junk food and high-calorie snacks.

Cooking Techniques


The traditional way of cooking in Japan is steaming or grilling. Even when they fry their food, it's with very little grease in a special pan. They slice the veggies both for a better look and faster results. This way, the food doesn't lose nutritional value.

Instead of spices, they let the juice of the veggies give the dish its flavor because eyeballing the amount of spices is tricky and too much of it creates problems with digestion.

Culture of eating


Yes, this is exactly what you'd expect. Meals are basically rituals over there and take a long time. Plates and bites are small and the look of the food is just as much of a priority as its taste. Each food item has its own plate, which never gets filled. This is a pro tip for staying slim!

Rice instead of bread


Rice is eaten with every meal. It's cooked without salt or grease and replaces bread or other carbs. Choosing rice over flour-based food is another important aspect of healthy eating.

Breakfast is a priority


Breakfast is very important for Japanese people; it has a diversity of food items and is super rich. Fish, rice, omelets, miso soup, soy, seaweed, and green tea are a must. Yes, they really do eat all of these in one meal!

Sugar-free desserts


Sugar kills, and that's probably why the Japanese don't eat many sweets in general. What they end up having when they do want dessert isn't the heavenly but dangerous chocolate cake slices. Believe it or not, they do have an ice cream made of rice! It's not shocking that most Japanese people are slim and healthy, considering that the light and delicious mochi ice cream (and the rest of their diet) is relatively sugar and grease-free.

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