6 Signs That Show She's Faking Her Orgasm


Caution: +18

Men are a bit masochist- that's why they want to know if the orgasms women have are real or fake. They won't say ''this girl is faking because she is thinking of me.'' He wants to learn if the orgasm is fake or not and wants to get sad over it. That's probably the reason why he asks ''did you come?'' after having sex.

Even though the women having sex with you don't have to fake anything, there are a few ways you can know if she's faking it or having a real orgasm.

1. A woman doesn't express her orgasm with sentences like ''wow, what an orgasm I had'', ''you made me come to my bones'' or ''I'm still shaking, wow that was great.'.


If she does, I've got bad news for you. She faked it. She's exaggerating to make you believe it. Offer her something else, oral sex would be nice. She'll say ''oh, I don't know,'' but will accept it.

2. If a woman is flopping like a fish, making big gestures, or doing things like pushing you while having an orgasm, she's definitely faking it.


When she lies next to you, she'll say ''that was great. Haven't had anything like this.'' Offer her oral sex; she'll probably push your head down there.

3. If a woman is speaking like a teacher giving a lecture while having an orgasm and saying things like ''yes,great,'' ''perfect, continue,'' ''oh yes, what is this!'' and her voice doesn't crack, she's faking it.


You have an orgasm and sound like you're playing Hamlet at the Royal Theatre House? Not possible, she's definitely faking it. Offer her oral sex. Before you can finish your sentence, you'll find yourself down there.

4. If a woman is making sounds like ''hmmmm'' or ''ohhh,'' she's trying to fake it.


Pull yourself back. She'll immediately ask you what happened. You know your place. Don't lose time, go down.

5. If you're suspicious that the woman is faking it, pull your self back at the peak of the orgasm. She'll be like a vacuum cleaner having its plug pulled out of the socket. And yeah, she's faking it.


She'll pull herself together, won't be surprised and will start to praise you. Rest a little and then offer oral sex. Don't ask, just assume the position.

6. A woman who says ''let's come together'' is faking it.


She understands that you're coming and doesn't want you to bother making her come. Then come together, if you believe such a thing!

Result- these are good tips. Don't forget them, they're precious. You never know when you'll have to use one.

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