etiket 32 Things You Should Learn About Love and Relationships During Your Twenties.

> 32 Things You Should Learn About Love and Relationships During Your Twenties.

Some facts we know well, and some we may overlook. Maybe a little cliché, but when experienced we wish we'd known about these earlier.


You don't need a partner to be happy.

It's unrealistic to expect all the people to live like Disney characters. Those things really only happen in movies. But love will eventually come around.

Love is love, no matter the expression.

There are millions of ways to show love. If you are anxious about showing and feeling too much love, or not being able to show enough of it, remember that there are many ways to express it.

Every person and relationship is unique.

That's why you should never compare your relationship with others. Love is not a showcase.

That's why you should never compare your relationship with others. Love is not a showcase.

There are no set standards for relationships. The basis for someone's relationship may not work for yours.

Avoiding marriage doesn't mean a lack of love. There may be people who don't like to show affection in public. Not everyone enjoys flowers and chocolate. Don't look at cliches as a guide for your own relationships.

There is no point in analyzing what kind of a couple you are.

It's for your own good to stop dreaming about setting an example. Every relationship is a different universe. If a relationship is going smoothly with no side hurting, it doesn't necessarily mean that there are better or worse relationships. These are dynamics that are unique and isolated, so keep that in mind and don't compare.

No one can resolve your personal insecurities but you.

Your lover may support you in the process of healing from your insecurities but this is no one's responsibility but yours. In order for any outside help to work, you need to be willing to work on yourself.

Always work on improving your empathy skills.

We come from different backgrounds. If someone thinks differently than you, make sure to not get angry. It would be a boring world if all of us thought and acted the same way.

Don't expect your partner to change. If there are too many things about them that bother you, maybe they aren't the right one.

We all change a little or evolve but it's not possible to get over major differences that prevent you from any meeting points. It's not worth the battle.

Learn how to be single.

And of course, to enjoy your solitude.

Rebounds are not always the best way to move on.

You would know best in setting time between relationships. Just listen to your heart. If you don't want to get hurt, make sure you don't start a new relationship before completely getting over the previous one.

Not all relationships last forever.

But this doesn't mean you can't enjoy what you have and spend a good time.

You can't force anyone to love you.

Don't be late in learning to let go. Just let go.

You can't force yourself to love anyone.

Some people technically seem perfect and it's just logical to be with them. This doesn't matter if you don't have a connection; you need genuine love to make it work.

If you have a lot of love to give, great, but... quality over quantity.

It's not the abundance of dreamy compliments, it's whether you complete each other.

Don't allow people to hurt you.

There's no place for manipulation, abuse, lies, and jealousy in a healthy relationship.

Sometimes, withdrawing in a timely manner is the best.

If it's not working out, there's no need to get stuck. The small battles will only drain you. Don't ignore the cue to retreat.

Some breakups make you feel the world is over, and some will be a relief.

But there's one common point: All will pass.

You move on, even if you think you never will.

Don't let go of who you are to please someone else.

Because there is nothing worse than disappointing yourself.

Learn from your mistakes.

But don't take all responsibility for no reason.

Give more than what you take.

Don't hide your thoughts and opinions. Relationships aren't based on silence.

It's natural to have different opinions.

When your thoughts collide, the conflict shows that your relationship is healthy. It's like therapy. But these need to end not with a winner, but with improvement of both sides.

Don't try to guess what your partner is thinking: Just ask.

Don't expect them to act the way you like.

Make sure to not get disappointed when they are being themselves.

Don't forget that you are not their mother, father, or sibling; you are their lover.

Allow yourself to get carried away.

Learn to love yourself.

Because your longest relationship is with yourself.

Because of this take care, have self-respect, and treat yourself well.

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