30 Reasons Why Shorts Are The Perfect Bae You Never Found


Shorts are bae. You can never find the same comfort in anything else. You can move freely, you don't get sweaty, it's comfy... We're all so excited when the summer's here, only because we can wear shorts.

Here are the reasons why the shorts are the perfect bae you never found.

1. You can wear shorts to go everywhere: vacation, work, clubs...

2. You can get a more serious vibe going by pairing them with a shirt or blouse.

3. Shorts are the definition of freedom.

4. Shorts are comfort.

5. Shorts are never boring.

6. Shorts are confidence.

7. You can never go wrong in color with shorts.

8. Shorts are the most flexible choice of clothing.

9. Shorts let you reflect the colors of your soul.

10. You can wear whatever you feel like, denim, fabric, flannel...

11. Shorts make your butt look bootylicious.

12. Shorts make you look cooool.

13. You can move freely with shorts, unlike skirts.

14. It's the feeling of a mini skirt in the comfort of pants.

15. Beach, cafe, work dinner, doesn't matter. With the right styling, you can wear them anywhere.

16. There's always one perfect pair of shorts for your outfit.

17. It's the easiest way of getting a vibe going in your styling.

18. They look good in every color.

19. Shorts make your legs look better than skirts.

20. To sum up, shorts are serenity.

21. They are the definition of comfort, confidence and freedom.

22. They never go out of style.

23. They give you a chance to express yourself;

24. To express your style;

25. To let you live for your own comfort.

26. Give shorts the attention they need!!!!

27. Adopt them.

28. Shorts will never leave you.

29. Shorts will never disappoint you.

30. And shorts will never make you feel ugly!


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