29 Things Couples Learn After Getting Married


Older people have always said "You can't get to know each other without getting married." They aren't wrong. Even the couples who lived together for years before beginning a new and different kind of relationship after getting married. During this period, they have lots of arguments and oppositions. These different points of view then become a regular and expected thing in marriage.

Here are the 29 things that freshly married couples say they discover only after getting married:

1. It is your marriage, not your parents'. Don't act according to your family's decisions.


Appreciate even the tiniest things.


2. The time that you should take for yourself is crucial. Take up hobbies that both of you will like and don't give up, even if one of you doesn't like it.


3. Every time you have a fight, ask yourself why you are fighting. It is a very important matter? If not, try to get past it together. Don't upset each other and yourselves for nothing.


4. Don't listen to others. Do go to bed angry. You are tired. Don't push yourself to find a solution. There is always tomorrow.


5. Your spouse is your best friend.

"Thanks to marriage, my friendship with my husband was reinforced. We became aware of real life after the honeymoon, and saw that we will be together forever. He is my best friend and we are starting this journey together. Otherwise, we wouldn't have anything to hold on to."

6. Don't forget to laugh at small things together.


7. Attacking your spouse won't solve anything.


8. Don't keep everything bottled up.


You can't keep your feelings bottled up for a long time. Share your feelings and thoughts at a right time in a suitable way.

9. It is natural to fight.


10. You will learn a lot from arguments.


A lot about your spouse and yourself... You will also see how the bond between you gets stronger.

11. Always keep an open mind.


You can re-discover yourself. Everything can change over time or you might be faced with a novel situation. Learning and working never stops, which will make your marriage exciting and fun.

12. Two people become one in marriage, yes; however, don't forget that these two people are still separate individuals.


You both have your own needs and thoughts. Being able to express these needs and thoughts will be especially important when you are making a promise or decision.

13. Marriage works both as you think it does and not, at the same time.


The great sides of your spouse may not be as impressive as before and the sides you don't like may not annoy you as much. Nobody is perfect. That's why  you shouldn't expect to have a perfect spouse.

14. You may gain some weight after getting married.


15. Your relationship with your spouse won't change much, but your relationship with your friends will.


16. One of you has to be able to get rid of spiders.


17. Not all men are like the standard ones in movies.


They are also human beings. Although they don't show it, they also have emotions, or they may be having a bad day.

18. Your spouse is your best friend, although it might sometimes feel like he/she is an annoying roommate.


19. "My spouse has always deserved respect and love, however, he has also started to win my appreciation and admiration. This is very normal, because we are really together now."


20. Life sometimes gets hectic and we stop doing some things. That's why you should just spend time together - what you are doing really doesn't matter.


21. It is very important to keep up with the small surprises you did before getting married.


22. Being able to show your love to your loved one is crucial. This not only strengthens your love, but also brings you two closer.


23. Don't forget to say "I love you" every day.


24. Do team work.


As long as you act as a team, nothing else really matters.

25. Your spouse is your team mate, your coach, your comedian, your consultant, and shortly, your best friend.


26. Take it slow and live in the moment.


As long as you have each other, everything will be fine. Just go with the flow.

27. Every marriage is different. Don't compare yours to other's.


28. Don't jump to every piece of advice you are given. Think it through, because you two are the ones who know your relationship and each other the best.

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