28 Gorgeous Brides Wearing Hijabs On Their Wedding Days


Today we honor the beauty of modesty through 26 different hijabi brides. The hijab, a type of veil for Muslim women, is a visible symbol of spiritual aspiration that has adapted in modern times with unique styles. Muslims brides can express themselves on their special day through different hijab drapings and adornments.☀

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/aemunreza/25-br...

1. This bride is totally pulling off that feathered gown. 💑

2. That contouring, that lipstick, and those eyebrows!.. 💄

3. Relationship, hijab, and henna goals! 👫

4. Could she be anymore photogenic? 💮

5. It matches so perfectly it hurts 👰

6. That face is just, wow. 👧

7. Bride and bridesmaids squad goals! 👩❤️💋👩

8. Her turban and dress coordination is on point. 😊

9. Just look at that lace! ☀😍

10. She’s pulling off the veil and hijab in one! 👏

11. This bride looks like a beautiful mermaid! 😇

12. Who says you can’t wear a necklace with your hijab? 👰

13. She looks like an angel who has fallen from heaven. 😇😊

14. That outfit is beyond beautiful! 😳😍

15. She is the definition of elegance... 🤗

16. She looks like a real-life princess... 👸

17. That little smirk! 😊

18. Looking like royalty... 👸

19. She must be loving it. 🌹🌷

20. This traditional bride looks beautiful. 😇😇

21. MashAllah! 😍😍

22. Gorgeous ‼

23. She’s practically glowing. 💯😊

24. Because you can never have too much bedazzle! 😊

25. Finishing off her already-perfect look. 👠

26. This is simply elegant. 🤗

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